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for The Iron Gamer of Kumo

8/7 c14 L
Thank you for the update.
8/6 c14 At Work
Really glad to see you updating this story again. Tnx, M8!
8/8 c14 Lady of Eons
great to see an update! its refreshing to have a story that's taking a whole new spin on things

keep up the great work, hope everything irl allows you to relax
8/7 c12 AshuraNoKami
I'll be honest dude. Story is quite honestly boring. There's no sparks. Everything and everyone feels mechanical to me. Dont feel anything for the MC or any of the other characters. And when you take into consideration that the dude is quite literally atleast 10 to 12 years ahead of cannon it makes it even worse. There are some spelling mistakes too not that many but still noticeable. I'll praise you on the fact that you were a bit original in choosing Kumo and the Iron Sand but other than that I don't find it interesting.
8/7 c14 T149Man
Hope everything goes well with your personal life. This is a great story!
8/7 c14 persona1441
cheers friend be strong through whatever happens
8/5 c14 Guest
Awesome story. Thanks for having written this. Looking forward to the next chapter.
8/7 c14 Imperial Guard 1337
I thought this fic was ded, glad I was wrong.
8/5 c14 Jack
much shorter chapter with very little plot. very uninteresting.
8/7 c14 16thomaspheasant
please update
8/5 c14 Guest
Wow, that was brilliant!
8/7 c14 Oppai Crusader
8/7 c14 1Clairvoyant Raven
One of the best Naruto SI fics out there, and marginally better than what I used to consider my personal favourite "Gamer-Fic"s.
Top quality writing, characters and the fact it isn't set in Konoha like 90% of all other Naruto SIs definitely doesn't hurt it (not that some of those fics aren't great, but it takes some boldness to write a fic in a setting that hasn't been shown in-depth in the manga).
Can't wait for the next chapter, I kept this in my favourites just in case
8/6 c14 1SkyWorthy
Thanks for the chapter <3
8/6 c14 Takemikazuchi25
damn it's been so long since an update that I have to reread in order to understand the new chapter. nah I'm too lazy, maybe one day I'll see this again in my library and reread it.
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