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for The Iron Gamer of Kumo

6/28 c12 Maecain
isn't Shuriken Shadow Clone jutsu Konoha's forbidden techinque?
6/27 c10 Maecain
Just a question, but how can Yugito know Shadow Clone jutsu, if it was created by 2nd Hokage and is only taught to elites of Konoha?
6/27 c13 Reader25846
Is his summon is a squid or a octopus?
6/27 c11 Reader25846
So he is the kumo ver of Itachi.
6/27 c10 Reader25846
Holy shit that was a long chapter.
6/25 c2 Reader25846
Having a neglectful parents is actually good for a gamer so he can grind without someone trying to monitor him 24/7
6/21 c13 pauloqueiroz
Great chapter
6/19 c12 5BrightNova169
It’s still hard to believe Kioshi made it into ANBU at eight and stuck with them for four years now. Kid’s a beast. Shame they didn’t have ways to help with his Earth Manipulation. Maybe Kioshi could voice that suggestion to the ANBU Commander.

I have to say, choosing to start in Kumogakure was a great choice for your story. There are so many details that make living there far different from Konohagakure. From the geography and weather to philosophy and shinobi standards. Especially the last one since Chunin in Konoha are only allowed B-ranked missions at best. Either Konoha has been getting soft or Kumo is just that hardcore.

But that Frost mission...damn. I was not expecting someone in ANBU to rat him out to foreign forces, especially not Danzo and ROOT. My condolences to the allies Kioshi lost. At least the culprits were dealt with and a war was avoided. But this could mean that enemies like Orochimaru and Kabuto will be aware of him now.

Seeing Kioshi successfully prevent a fight with Zabuza was impressive considering the latter’s violent nature. I suppose losing the Demon Brothers deep in enemy territory was the deciding factor aside from his client preparing to turn on him. Shame he’ll probably end up dying against Naruto’s team.

And it’s a shame that Kioshi’s promotion to Jonin was marred with his argument with Yugito. Then again, Jinchuuriki have it tough in an unforgiving world like this. Too bad that admission from Yugito caused Matatabi to take over. Kioshi’s gonna be in for a hell of a fight.

And sadly that’ll probably be nothing compared to eventually fighting Obito in the future.

Sorry to hear you lost your job due to COVID. This virus has been harsh on everyone. I’ve been lucky to keep my job. Hopefully your luck will improve.

6/18 c13 Indra0tsutsuki
Buen trabajo, excelente capitulo.
6/17 c13 BlueTea21
Nice chapter. looking forward to the next one. Btw is old man Yarato okay? I wonder if I might have skipped over something. He was sick before the Chunnin exam years back and I wonder if he had passed by now?
6/17 c12 BlueTea21
Very good chapter. Time skip was an excellent idea. Typically these gamer fics drag on, but yours is keeping a good pace with an interesting and unique plot. Love what you've posted so far.
6/17 c11 BlueTea21
I didn't see the reward given for the Chunnin exams... Maybe that gets covered next chapter?
6/17 c11 BrightNova169
I guess this theft will teach Kusagakure to invest in some security cameras. I mean, for something like a letter written by a Kage, you’d expect there to be better security.

Looks like reality rained on the Ame ninja. They just got washed away especially the short one. He got scrubbed by someone wet behind the ears.

Okay, with those puns out of my system, Setsuna was pretty clever to bait Kioshi into an honor fight even if it didn’t work out. And props to Shuzo for his skills. Too bad his last opponent was a Gamer. The end of the exams only seemed complete with The Raising Fighting Spirit playing.

Yataro was a foreign ninja from another village? Makes sense now. Hopefully, he’ll be able to contribute more wisdom to Kioshi before he dies. It could make all the difference against the Akatsuki. Especially since Kioshi’s getting drafted into ANBU. Only eight years old and he not only earned a promotion to a Chunin, he got into black ops too. Talk about progress.

Thanks again for the chapter. Maybe in the future, Kioshi can spar against Naruto or fight Sasuke to see how he measures up.

6/17 c10 BrightNova169
To me, despite all the fantastical elements of this verse, it’s still a world that normalizes child soldiers. The fact that team killing is a possibility due to envy is pretty sickening. Maybe one of these days, Kioshi could help overthrow the shinobi system to prevent future cases of Tadashi and Kazuya.

I’m glad that Kioshi’s learning to open up to his teammates and Yugito. Kichiro and Setsuna seem pretty cool and reliable. Haou definitely seems to be a great teacher since he’s making sure everyone is up to par for the Chunin Exams.

Speaking of the exams, I personally thought the first part was lackluster though that was due to a lack of hidden tests. The second part definitely made up with extra drama. Poisonous pollen and an allergic reaction from Kichiro? Those two were lucky to have Kioshi with them.

Hopefully, Yataro can hold out for a few more years. Don’t know what disease he’s got but maybe it can be stalled if Sadako and Kioshi work together.

I like the direction you’re taking with this story. Keep up the good work.
6/16 c1 blasrt85
Such a well done story. I've been around since the first 2 or 3 chapters and even though sometime may pass, I can easily pick up where I left off. I may not contribute anything outside of recommending this story, but I intend to hopefully see this till the end. By the way, I always thought your bloodline choices and execution seemed relatively fresh and original. Thankyou for Sharing.
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