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for The Iron Gamer of Kumo

8/5/2022 c14 Akumets
Glad to see you back thx for the update
8/5/2022 c10 Sebastiean
Why is he being such an annoying brat?
8/5/2022 c14 ilayhyams
He can use the trip as an excuse to 'learn' the Suna version of his bloodline.
8/5/2022 c14 TehStorm
This chapter was...Confusing, but it's great to see you back.
8/5/2022 c14 zatchpotter
How did he flare his chakra in a code to get Anbu attention when his chakra is currently impossible to sense? If it can be sensed while being used it should be easy to adjust to being naturally Supressed, and not the big deal it turned out to be.
8/5/2022 c14 1INFUSCATE
Always nice to see a power fantasy fic where rash actions actually have consequences.
8/5/2022 c14 1Episoidal
Welcome back! :D
8/5/2022 c14 5the4bestgame
Wooo! Good to read this again, feels like its been ages!
8/5/2022 c14 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
interesting devolepment
8/5/2022 c14 Myllinu
Thanks for the chapter! That was a cryptic ending!
8/5/2022 c14 1LordGhostStriker
well good luck with whatever is happening irl.

Anyways. Ghost rocks, Ghost fish, and ghost lore all in one chapter
8/5/2022 c14 1Jamius
Man that was interesting to read. Took me a bit to remember what had already happened in this story but I did recall a lot of things eventually. It is good to see you posting after so long. Sorry to hear that your personal life had something go wrong, or bad luck.
8/5/2022 c14 Amun565
Oh man was this good! Hope you are doing better now Amigo. This chapter absolutely crushed!
8/5/2022 c14 Mistroz
Excellent chapter
8/5/2022 c14 Tony McNucklz
I'm 95% sure the second tsuchikage's non-person ability is rooted in his mastery of water chakra, not some supernatural hullabaloo that can't be turned off. Though disregarding changing the ability's origins, being unavle to turn it off is a unique problem in the shinobi world, particularly for communication done that way. Thankfully, he can compensate with his metal rattling ability.

I doubt seriously that anybody would call the language Japanese, since there is no Japan here to name the language after. He should've just asked if they understood him, and they answer yes.

Wait, why did everyone not recognize him and treat him with suspicion? did he and everyone else just forget his non-replicatable kekkei genkai that would instantly prove that it's him? Hell, that's better proof than any question! Or did you forget he has an ability that would instantly prove his identity, causing your characters not to think of it?

Warily, not wearily. Very different meanings.
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