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for The Iron Gamer of Kumo

11/7/2019 c7 I Lost Civilisation I
I'm kinda liking where this is going, nobody ever does Kumo.
it's always damn konoha this, konoha that.
we might've gotten brainwashed along side the main characters into believing in konoha's Best Village kinda shtick but I personally think with Danzo lurking around in the shadows, Kabuto spying for Orochimaru and shit, and Sarutobi's Nepotism which allows Danzo to get away with shit that konoha would be very dangerous for a reincarnated prodigy to live in, let alone one with the Gamer ability.
you think kumo's the only village who breeds/steals/etc. kids for bloodlines? Hah, they're just the ones who don't hide it. Tenźo is a fucking experiment and once they knew he had Mokuton they shoved him straight into ANBU and 'accidently'(?) into Danzo's abusive loving arms (who in hindsight Sarutobi gave permission to do all this horrible stuff, the man has a fucking spy glass all over the village you think he doesn't know root is still active? if he spent 3 minutes everyday scanning the village he'll find ANBU with blank masks, but since Danzo is his BFF he can't bring himself to punish him properly, and don't get me motherfucking started at Danzo's attempted murder of the Hokage and then the damned uchiha massacre mess? and who can forget dear Orochimaru? Who Sarutobi FUCKING LET GO after finding out that he's been conducting inhumane experiments at infants and kids. What a great village.

also I loved Yugito talking about both Mental and Physical strength because of the 'Kumo favors the strong' theme the show had and it's canon that kumo's jinchuuriki were treated better than the other ones because they're strong and thus popular among certain factions.
11/7/2019 c6 Koncor the great
Think he jumped the fuck gamers mind shark too soon. I mean he kinda admitted he didn't care or want to deal with his dad so I'd say it's more his personal hang-ups and daddy issues more than gamers mind. Though i kinda hope he goes through a brutal angsty period were he just doesn't give a fuck and shows how advanced he is at school.
11/6/2019 c7 Yifto
good update finally getting the story started. I liked the old man moment. it was sweet.
11/6/2019 c5 Joy is overrated
wow so the teacher was right, he is an asshole. cliche, but i understand.
11/6/2019 c7 6Lightblade23
This is amazing, keep it up! I like how the MC thinks and while he's bound to get OP it's fun to read how it gets there. Keep up the good work!
11/6/2019 c7 Primordial Warlock
Really love this story
11/6/2019 c6 10PervyPanda
Hello nclose! Your Iron Gamer fic has prompted me to get of my butt and write my own Naruto fic.

I hope you don't mind but because it was inspired by your own the beginnings are slightly similar. I plan on deviating and going into the academy years more than you have however.

I have also credited your fic in my AN's, so please don't take this as me plagiarising you.

Anyway, I enjoy your fic and know that none of this is done out of malice. Just wanted to let you know.
11/6/2019 c7 PervyPanda
You've inspired me.
11/6/2019 c7 apostlelord
very good chapter.
11/6/2019 c7 1Iamnotafraid
so glad to see this story come back with more chapters
you're doing a great job
11/6/2019 c6 elixirmaster
the damage numbers irk me,are they from him losing go or the mobs?
11/6/2019 c1 elixirmaster
Any silent ninja is lovely.
11/5/2019 c7 LeonidCosta
Thank you for your efforts in writing this work. Waiting for the continuation of your story
11/5/2019 c7 asighoaighnqllg
This was a pretty good chapter. Finally, the Academy days are over.
11/5/2019 c7 Rangle
Yugito is best girl?
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