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for The Iron Gamer of Kumo

7/21/2019 c1 Guest
I'm all for a kumo gamer fic and kumo based fics in general. Most of them end up taking place in konoba anyway due to naruto ending up in kumo and being forced back. A. OC in kumo stands a lot to gain as a niche in fanfics. The problem thus far is that most writers tend to drop the story if they don't get instant likes and following.

That is why I recommend that you write an unique story focused on OCs and follow your own plot. If you do decide to bring in Canon, I recommend you don't do it until the shinobi War and avoid ft. Konoha Nin as much as possible. Everyone knows how bad ass konoha Nin are. So make some equally bad ass kumo ones for your story to cover :)

Remember bloodlines don't make the bad ass, there are plenty of traditional nin out there to gain inspiration from for ocs on in fiction, ranging from storm shadow and the ninja turtles to taki from soul calibur and more lol ones like those from senran Kagura and league of legends.

Just write your story and post chapters of a min. Of 2k in size. Don't expect your following to become large before you reach 10 chapters or about 20k worth of words since its quite a common filter to use 20k words as a min.

Best of luck, take what advice you wish from this and rock on! Have fun writing this story and ignore the comments you eventually get about what your readers want. The moment you let the readers decide you'll lose your fun in this and the fic wil die. So always put your own ideas and wants first. Never adjust for the readers. Kishimoto didn't do that nor did JK Rowling.
7/21/2019 c1 Cboylan
damn I was hoping for senju descendant.
7/21/2019 c1 6Daisuke SSJ
Me gusta la idea
7/21/2019 c1 2merendinoemiliano
7/20/2019 c1 Kalstorm99
cool story.
7/20/2019 c1 2Queenie241
I really like this story so far, but why did you stop the chapter at the area where he chooses his hidden village if the title is the Iron Gamer of Kumo, that makes it pretty obvious that he chooses Kumogakure. I'm not trying to hate or anything, I was just wondering
7/19/2019 c1 FattyPatty123
Yes! We need more oc characters! Make more chapters!
7/19/2019 c1 kidray98624
didn't know he would get to choose the village choose konoha
7/19/2019 c1 1The1ststand
Good start! I like how your diverging from other fics and making your own path overall a good start!
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