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10/23/2020 c2 4Aquila Lucis Caelum
"It's not an S, on my world it means hope."
Probably one of my favorite quotes from a Zack Snyder movie.
10/23/2020 c8 Wol Ryung
You ruined it..
10/23/2020 c12 2wilderfast
Loved this story. Continue please?
7/13/2020 c1 Face Yourself
Hold up, you expect us to believe Taylor *doesn't* need a hospital checkup at the very least from the severe risk of infection and blood-born illness, and something as near-useless as the school nurse is enough to say she's okay?
6/30/2020 c1 damian1313666
it is to bad you got rid of Another Type of Alien i really enjoyed it
6/9/2020 c12 InCK
is this abandoned?
3/17/2020 c12 SeanHicks4
Interesting cross, looking forward to seeing some more. I am still kinda on the fence though about Taylor being in the locker long enough to trigger on not. The bit were Kara offers a bit of training to Victoria was kinda neat, since from what I’ve seen of Ward she does seem to have grown up a bit compared to her Worm personality.
3/5/2020 c12 3SsjHades
Interesting, love the story so far, hope you continue it
12/30/2019 c2 8RHJunior
People grossly overplay super-hearing. Regardless of how super-sensitive your ears are, SOUND DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT. It collapses into white noise after a given range.

To say nothing of the fact the writers of Superman comics often have sound traveling *through vacuum, or faster than the speed of sound-* Remember that scene in 'Superman returns" where he's HOVERING IN ORBIT, listening to sounds all over the planet? And he hears gunfire in Metropolis- gunfire that would have taken hours to reach his ears (it still takes a supersonic jet several hours to cross the Atlantic, kids)... Made me wanna throw my popcorn at the screen.
12/24/2019 c12 Guest
Kara rode her horse to school instead of hoverboard
12/22/2019 c12 Guest
12/22/2019 c3 Guest
I think its a Kryptonian material that blocks unnatural blue eyes
12/1/2019 c12 James Birdsong
Good tale of course
11/30/2019 c12 13Steve2
Interesting story so far. I am unclear what the overall storyline is, however. Supergirl is now in Wormverse. She realizes that. She is weaker than before. She is working on upping her powerset. The weaker powerset is useful for the story, but is not really explained. I am not sure where you are going with the Supergirl character of your story. Here are some ideas I've thought around that, and I'm curious to see how close I come to your story as it continues:
1. The Crisis on Multiple Earths story arc from years ago is responsible for sending Supergirl to this world.
2. DC Comics character: Spectre, shows up to explain the situation to Supergirl. The situation (as best I can put together) is that Kara came from the Earth where Supergirl died in the Crisis arc, and instead of going to the true death, Spectre moved her spirit to the Wormverse where she could still fight the good fight. He constructed a new body for her spirit to take up residence in. It is her body the instant before she died. The lower powerset is due to her spirit and body getting acclimated to one another.
3. Kara is told that if she tries to return to her "earth", then she will instantly die as Supergirl died there. She is now part of the Wormverse for better or worse. Knowing this allows her speech pattern to change from "golly gee whiz" to "son of a bitch!"
4. Supergirl gets to meet the Wards. She recognizes Shadow Stalker as Sophia Hess and wants to incinerate her right there and then. She doesn't.
5. Most Worm stories are Taylor-centric. I am currently writing 2 Worm stories, and one is Taylor-centric, and the other is not. Yours has Taylor in the locker, but it appears she has not triggered. Will she? I am not sure, but if she is to become some sort of sidekick for Supergirl, when will she trigger?
6. Kara has a realization that the Wormverse is influenced by something outside of humanity, which is why it is so depressed, demoralized, and disheveled. She could have this realization when she catches herself starting to swear. She feels the empathy of someone grieving and wanting to lash out.
7. Kara begins to take orbital sunbaths. This energizes her quicker. She then gets an idea and heads to the sun itself once her flying speed ramps back up to super levels. she has to go naked or her clothes will burn off. She does, and lands back at the Hebert residence only to see Danny there with a shocked expression of seeing her in her birthday suit. Again.
8. Supergirl exceeds brute testing ability at the Rig. She is asked by Armsmaster to demonstrate her brute strength in a different way. She picks up a piece of coal (handed to her by Taylor) and she squeezes it for a few minutes until it is a diamond. Colin then has to do the math to figure out how much strength and pressure she was exerting on that piece of coal.
9. Kara's alter ego gets annoyed at the Tabloid TV running stories on her to the point she gathers some cash together and buys the station. When she met with the owners (possibly Kaiser), they were initially reluctant to sell, but she made them see the point (especially if it was Kaiser and she grabbed him by his ankle and dangled him outside his office building). Yeah, probably not going to happen. Better to make it subterfuge on the "Linda" character's part to get them to sell to her as she plans to take the Tabloid TV reporting to a new level, without telling them that the new level will be next to no tabloid trash TV.
Anyway, hope this story updates again soon.
Thanks for writing.
11/11/2019 c12 Drunkle Qrow
Hurray for hiatus end!
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