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for Anois Ar Theacht An tSamhraidh

4/19/2020 c21 48Acoustic Ghost
Not gonna lie i enjoyed part one's ending more.

This one seemed right, but wrong. Almost like you considered another chapter, but chose to end it here.

Out of curiosity what was Emerald studying? Because between Coco the fashion mogal and Ruby the world renowned writer I'm a bit curious. Still a rather enjoyable story. I hope the next story/Saga you write is just as great as your other works
4/19/2020 c21 1Nagaichi
Another awesome story!
4/11/2020 c20 48Acoustic Ghost
This chapter was reasonable. Although ruby is being really hard on Velvet.

Kali made me laugh a bit. I'm waiting for Sun ( who over the years has grown on me) to practically kill Emerald.
3/30/2020 c19 Acoustic Ghost
I honestly can't put this chapter into words.

It was sweet and I wanted to punch Emerald even more.
3/14/2020 c18 Acoustic Ghost
I'm very scard of that ending. Your history of last minute twists is something I both love and hate. I'm placing money on Neo as the pull up. From the vibe I got Raven hasn't been told yet.

Can't wait for the next chapter
2/29/2020 c17 Acoustic Ghost
So the truth comes out at last. I must admit that i didn't expect it.

Ruby getting mad at Coco is understandable, her getting mad at Emerald resonable. But attacking poor velvet when she was trying to be a good friend for shame.

Emeralds reasonbseemed seemed a little phoned in. Drunken mistake turned into a regular booty call is just wow. The least Emerald could do is give Ruby and Coco a free pass for a one night stand of their choosing. Then again in bad at guessing things.

All I know at the end of it all I hope our girls pull though this storm
2/16/2020 c1 Guest
I've come to like your style you use. I still haven't read everything you've done but with all the shit you're piling on Ruby right now I feel like it won't be an ending where she comes out on top like what I've seen so far from most of your stories.

Looking forward to future updates and holding onto hope this isn't a 'bad ending' story (but that's for you to decide, not us).
2/15/2020 c16 Acoustic Ghost
This to me is honestly one of Your most underrated stories.

It picks up at a very weird timeframe in Ru/co/em's relationship. Rurae are in a semi bad place, and velvet is the unintentional victim of ruby and ems soon to be wrath.. That or shell be girlfriend number 3 or well get two couples. I'm backing on a fourway. Summer is soon to be dead and to top it off Neo is off in the background somewhere.

This story ( and what im assuming might be a trilogy) honestly trumps most relationship stories for Ruby on this site.
1/6/2020 c13 death390
Good chapter, found minor error

how Neo had constantly apparently agreed with Roman about and wanted to destroy Ruby's precious story book.

“Agreed with Roman about and wanted to destroy” I know what was supposed to be said but it doesn’t read right. How about “Agreed with Roman about wanting to destroy “
12/7/2019 c11 Acoustic Ghost
This was always one of my favorites of yours. I really look forward to the next chapter. Although I got to ask will sun make an apperance?
8/28/2019 c3 Silvervoalt
7/20/2019 c1 Jiore
PTSD: the sequel...well more than understandable given the shit Ruby had to endure for years...

Now, what's gonna come back and fuck up her happiness?

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