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for Akatsuki No Yona: Princess Tao's Brightest Star

8/6 c1 Mia
Nice story!
8/31/2019 c1 15Pixie07
I'm not familiar with this fandom, I try to do some research but couldn't find much about this character. However I didn't feel lost and I enjoyed reading this story and the writing style, it was really easy to follow. Great job.
7/29/2019 c1 34Pandasushiroll
So I have to admit I actually didn't know any of these characters lol. So I was a little lost but overall it was a fun little one shot to read and well written! The nervousness was sweet and entertaining. Thanks so much for adding this story to the community challenge. You did a really great job!
7/28/2019 c1 5RushiAei
Wow, this is so sweet and beautifully written! Going into this, I hadn't heard of these characters since I've only watched the first season of Akatsuki No Yona and haven't read any of the manga. (I wish they would continue the anime adaptation) but I really enjoyed reading this. The way you conveyed Vold's emotions was so good and of course it looks like Algira ended up being more of a help in the end :D I loved the descriptions you gave and they really made the story flow awesomely! Thanks for writing and sharing this :)
7/24/2019 c1 4MLLu
Such a courageous action. To do what he did in front of so many people is absurd. I know I wouldn't do such thing or anything like it :D Good for him, good for Void.
You wrote a very sweet and funny story. And as always I really like your writing style.

In conclusion, YenGirl, you did a great job! :D
7/23/2019 c1 13naash
Vold was such a mess but a brave one at that. To be able to propose in front of an audience and cats, without even knowing whether the princess even loved him is really really brave.

I do love that he just proposed to her and skipped all the courtship and dating process.

thank you for the story

7/20/2019 c1 22fanofthisfiction
Oh my goodness, I just loved the blurt of the initial proposal! You captured the nervous anticipation and the brewing irritation of having a third wheel being present in such a delightful and entertaining fashion. Said third wheel (even though not a part of the duo being engaged) certainly left a great comedic presence behind too. What a great person to bear witness to it all!

How wonderful and romantic the initial gruff proposal was followed up by a sweet and tender one fit for the lovely Princess. I definitely adored the romantic flare Vold gathered once his nervousness was gone. Thanks so much for sharing this romantic proposal and for participating in the Show Me the Love Proposals challenge!

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