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for Conflicting Ideals

7/16 c68 Guest
Shirou and Mirko is what I am seeing now
7/7 c68 E
Glad I'm now all caught up, this story is amazing. I know it's good because there are points in the plot that I would change, but I do not feel as though the quality of the story has lessened.

I have to say, the one thing I found most annoying was the Heroic Spirit Possessions. That has felt and continued to feel more like an arbitrary limiter to what our main protagonists are capable of rather than a beneficial or interesting plot element. It's not like it slowed them down much anyways or forced them to reveal much, Shirou did that anyways. Unless some crazy plot has been building from that which I cannot yet conceive, I really don't see how this won't end up being a dumb layer on top of MHA's already absurd later volumes.

Most of any other issues I've had so far can be traced back to problems I have with MHA itself, rather than this story only.

All that said, I await more, as always.
7/6 c68 Suzululu4moe
Hmm Rin might need to bring out her wrestling tights and have a throwdown with the gyaru bunny. Back home it was the blonde hyena now it’s a this.
7/6 c22 E
Before I get to the next chapter, I have to say that I am really enjoying this.
The first two chapters felt very off character wise. Shirou especially.

But that cleared up very quickly and this has been excellent every since.
Now, to read more.
7/6 c68 Guest
Rin probably already knows the way back to their world but I don’t think Shirou will go this time he will carry on his ideals in this hero society. I won’t even call them splitting up as ShiRin ship hasn’t even sail since their world, Rin knows it well. She won’t hesitate to go back to their world as soon as she knows for certain Shirou can settle in this world.
7/6 c68 AnimeFan13579
Just looking at this without having refreshed memory on the story yeah can almost see Rin being exasperated about Shirou charming another girl. After all if there would be anybody that Mirko would ever get together with it would be someone who can go toe to toe with her. I'm fairly certain getting into a serious fight with someone would basically be her method of flirting with them. It would especially be the case if the person was able to beat her in a straight fight.
7/5 c68 rogue1Bois
7/5 c68 25NewMystery356
Okay, so things got out of hand, but not TOO out of hand…~ Wonder where Shirou will go from here.
7/4 c68 3Fyr RedNight
I absolutely enjoyed this chapter!

The action and Shirou's interactions with Mirko were as faithful as I think they could have been.

Looking forward to the next update!
7/4 c68 Guest
Gentle and ticklish yup Shirou and Mirko all the way!
No worries Tohsaka I still love you very very much since the start of this story, you can summon Lancer Cu with unlimited force and prana when you return to your world. I am sure Stain won’t mind following along. Don’t worry about Emiya nor Shirou, they can somewhat survive and still be very well liked by many anyway.
Love La Brava and Stain I enjoy this chapter. I only wish you update more often and I will wait for next. Thanks!
7/4 c68 3GrimmPandaMan
Shirou and Mirko have such amazing chemistry. Personally, I think you are heavily influenced by their pairing in your Emiya-sensei story. But I'm not complaining! XD
7/4 c68 Guest
Errr Shirou bantering with Mirko!
Btw is a great chapter keep going please the update is so but worth the wait.
Can we have more more more of Stan and… Witch? lol
7/4 c68 1SentinalSlice
I really enjoyed this dynamic Shirou and Miriko just developed.
7/4 c68 AidenJacksonSmithDSBB
7/4 c68 Darth Kyuubi kurama
Great chapter
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