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8/5 c24 Onion-00
he just asked how you stood up to allmight, why did you go give him your whole life story?
8/4 c24 Onion-00
he just asked how you stood up to allmight, why did you go give him your whole life story?
7/25 c56 kirito3229sao
update please
6/26 c1 Guest

Assange was a hero.
6/17 c35 Guest
Trash mc trash author stop writing you have no talent you bitch!
6/13 c56 Ow
my first impressions are that this is my ideal academia but edgier which is funny since that was just BHA but edgier already
6/8 c56 Guest
About time for Stain to shin after his shit training and as Rin’s man I mean manservant.
6/6 c35 Terracotta Tortilla
Wow...even more servants just showing up. Why?
6/6 c34 Terracotta Tortilla
Yup, a saber alt that Shirou is never going to be able to beat. Also seems to be a little toy for Shigaraki too, great...
6/6 c33 Terracotta Tortilla
Eww, did you introduce a saber alt into the story? I hope not.
6/6 c23 Terracotta Tortilla
Of course Rin is throwing a tantrum.
6/6 c1 GymNatty321
ain't shiro the anime MC who rips off other people's attacks and can't make something original?
6/4 c56 Guest
Shirou is a jerk. Rin is his best other half! Who one girl will follow an idiot around for heroic madness 5 decades, dropped her research, risked and saved his ass asking just one response that the idiot loves himself more?
Archer is too a jerk to ask Rin for this. Yeah Rin please look after his old self! Btw Rin is a prodigy, a vigorous witch now, yeah Shirou she can take them all, damn powerful anyway, badass and bitchy. About her feeling? Nope! heroic first, nothing else, he said they missed their chance. I just hope he doesn’t lose Rin in his madhouse plans. But I know this is not romance fic so that wouldn’t happen. I do like what Hagakure and gangs are spooking around, I look forward to the big bang with villains and heroes and I wonder which alter servant they might encounter, is going to be interesting.
6/3 c34 1RoachVit
Shirou Emiya, Mentor of Escalation
6/3 c56 4Hunter of Entities
Rin is like an angry mom arguing with her husband about a last minute business trip. Though I do have to wonder if there will a point where Eri deages Emiya back to the point in time where he has his arm
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