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9/22 c20 Guest
Bah you've Over hype rin so fucking much and made shirou into a doormat for her fucking ridiculous
9/7 c65 Guest
Feel like this fic is coming to its ending soon keep it up bro I want to see where Shirou heading
9/6 c36 Dropped
You added not just *one* Servant, but had to idiocy to add *two*, and I'm assuming that you indeed possess the stupidity to add a grand total of *seven*. Why do I suspect this you may ask?

It's because you clearly lack originality, and can't think of anything to spice the fic up without going traditional routes like suddenly adding in other Servants with no explaination, or there is SUDDENLY ANOTHER HOLY GRAIL WAR FOR NO F****** REASON OTHER THAN TO GIVE SHIROU AND RIN A CHALLENGE WHEN YOU CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING ORIGINAL.

This fic has become trash tier, and I wish to inform everyone to that only want Shirou and Rin be in it to not waste their time on reading this trash.
9/6 c34 PutSpoilerWarnin
...I really hope you didn't just do a Fic Killer class cliche. If that is indeed saber, I will most likely drop this fic.

I came into this fic believing that it would only be Shirou (and Rin, but you actually had written her in remarkably well), I did *not* come here for other Servants, Holy Grail Wars, Magus, BBEGs (The Beasts, evil gods, All The World's Evils, etc.), gods, Shinji (He is his own catagory).from FATE/Nasuverse

Please *at the very least* put a Spoiler Warning about there being other Servants and the like *if* you are indeed including them so people do not have to waste their time reading half the fic, only to see something like this.
9/6 c65 Grand Rider Zohar
ehehhhehshahahhahahhaa, finally a update
9/5 c65 1LoveToBake
Every now and then I re read this from the start again, it has such a great way of showing hero society and Erineedsmoreloveandistooadorable but yeah xD I’m happy that this has a lot of content..
9/5 c65 Suzululu4moe
They “slayed” a dragon for you Shirou!
9/5 c65 Guest
If this is somewhat from UBW route then Tohsaka has kept her words to Emiya Archer, whatever Shirou decides later is nothing she should nor could change. Good question and true is Shirou’s choice, not her influence nor Archer.
For decades Tohsaka did what she could, perhaps controlling and beyond but is time for her to move on from this man permanently. I am not surprise Tohsaka will soon open the gate to go back to her world.
Good chapter. Thanks! I hope the wait for next isn’t too long.
9/5 c65 Cloves
9/4 c65 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
wonder what shirou will decide
9/4 c65 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful
9/4 c65 Guest
When will Shirou release his UBW, I can't wait~!
9/4 c65 nathan.tan.whcl
How did kendo die again
9/4 c65 1kamenheroHEISEI

What was alluded in the very first 5 chapters is coming to roost

Shirou was gonna become something like but not Emiya. Not nameless, not a heroic spirit that is an archer, but the heroic spirit emiya

Let's see what he does
9/4 c65 24NewMystery356
So the difference between a Tactical Strike or a Peacekeeping Mission… I’m eager to see Eri at work. That and how Shirou carries on with Rin’s Misfits~
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