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for Conflicting Ideals

22h c51 3FloridaMan722
Binged this in a couple days. I love it tho I’m super sad about the loss of 1-B. They didn’t deserve that. I kinda wanted to see some of them again.

Has Shirou told Aizawa and Orca they fought Hercules yet? I kinda want to see the look on Aizawa’s face for that. Speaking of Heroes, I wonder how they’ll deal with the rest of the Servants, though it’s a toss up if Archer is Gil or EMIYA
8/1 c51 4fangs of death
great story so far!
7/17 c51 GodsReader15
Amazing story
7/9 c2 16tsukishima7
Everything is so frikking contrived. The stereotypical de-aging trope and the obligatory going to school bullshit that needed a stupid chain of events to occur for that to happen. Can't somebody write a story without following the oh so sacred MHA storyline and do something original.
7/2 c38 1Panzer0
I just fucking love stain chilling with an extremely psychotic tohsaka (and by chilling I mean being treated like an errand-boy)
6/29 c14 Janitor
I previously recall stopping myself from reading further than this chapter and just forgetting the story. I'd forgotten why. A cursory reread has provided the answer. I'll be blunt: This is not a story, but an essay on Shirou worship that manages to lack substance of even WHY he should be worshiped. That's ironic—this fic obviously wants to celebrate the Shirou in the author's head (as canon does not match at all so we won't even go there), but actually works damned hard to NOT take the opportunities necessary to do that.

To whit, a story with a compelling idea ("what is heroism?") needs a means to present that idea (conflict). 14 chapters in, that conflict has yet to be established. At no time in said chapters has this Shirou run the danger of actually having to defend his ideal from any brand of conflict or antagonism. He can bless down the pro heroes without consequence. He can walk away from UA at any time he feels like. He can neutralize or utterly annihilate the villains. He's kept from the media, so there's no public backlash to himself, or even the heroes he's trounced. Rin, in a surprising lack of her own characterization, supports him 100% and has not, as of ch14, spoken of anything BUT supporting him. Not getting home, not finding another means to flee & lay low, nothing.

14 concentrated chapters on how awesome THIS Shirou is, and not a single thing to stand in his way. While I know everyone fell head over heels for Reki Kawahara's Sword Art Online, I have to press regardless that is a terrible way of constructing a story. Lack of conflict, be it situational, thematic, or dramatic, means there's no good reason for a reader to be engaged. There's thousands upon thousands of fic that can be surmised as "My hero is the coolest and beats up everyone and gets all the chicks", and I kind of doubt this story is desperately meant to be one of them. I'm writing this because, having actually dropped this story previously ages ago (before even Covid was a thing) & forgotten every detail I originally read, I'm hear a year & change later finding myself coming to the very same conclusions: Shirou's character is an essay on Shirou worship, the other characters aren't characters as much as bullet points to absorb this Shirou's radiation of hero, the origin isn't established well at all, and no sense of conflict exists.

And I do mean I forgot it entirely, even though apparently my computer's script-recall function did not, as I have stopped exactly on the chapter I walked away from, previously. The change, however, is that I'll give the remaining chapters a read and see if my opinion alters. The takeaway is a story without a proper conflict is just self-gratification. Fanfic authors often fall into that trap, and it's really an issue to recognize & overcome for the sake of future projects.

Anyways, good luck.
6/27 c51 45MementoMori115
Shirou: "All Might, nice to see you come out of hiding when we needed you most! Not to save your students from being killed by a psychopathic villain who wants revenge for you defeating his mentor, but instead you come to stop some villains from killing each other, a self-solving problem. Congratulations, you rescued the villains and saved the day! I'd give you an applause, but I sacrificed my arm to save my classmates."

Cue PR disaster.
6/24 c51 123ABIR123
This is really good, really waiting for the future updates.
6/11 c51 Lerans
Man, this fic is sures is something.
Great plot and twist on the vision of what a hero is, the fact that both Shiro and Ron are both hunted by the heroes if their use their mage craft.

And then this the aftermath of the massacre of the schools competition...

Yep a good fic and great mix of bit worlds of Fate stay night and MHA.
6/6 c41 Lubber
"chance to stand victorious" pff this guy is serious, how cute
6/6 c29 Lubber
Meh he just didnt win bc he wont use the big weapons
6/5 c51 22Delphine Pryde
Two thumbs up.
5/29 c32 CatOnFire
Shiro wank is acceptable in small amounts, but I'm officially tired of it. Every person he meets is another person excuse for Shiro wank, even if he has met them before.
5/27 c51 wildarms13
aw, iz fine man, still loved the series, though shirou losing an arm.. ouch hahaha

Hope you come back to this series soon
5/27 c51 3Fyr RedNight
Great work on this chapter!
It was really entertaining.

And hiatus notwithstanding, I'm looking forward to read the next chapter!
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