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11/8 c1 Guest
I hope we get an update before Xmas!
10/11 c56 FallenSage
Great job loved it please update
10/11 c1 55555gosha
"80% of the people who make up the global population possess a Quirk."

Heroes in the MXA are like special forces in the police. Yes, they earn on their fame, so what? in their world, almost everyone has superpowers, no wonder the government decided to license Quirks and call them heroes.

Add OOC Tag dude it's not emiya from fate, thats strange guru of batmanism who have UBW
9/29 c12 edoabb
Is Shirou bragging... is he actually exposing to villains how he is winning? Did I just hit my head or did Shirou actually become a stupid braggart
9/29 c9 edoabb
Using a noble phantasm against Bakugo who just started training? weird, a NB should be used against overwhelming odds or people with impossible durability
9/8 c1 Guest
Well, I'm not gonna judge neither the author nor the readers who enjoy this kinda stories, but if I'm being honest?

This is cringy as fuck. A prime example of what something straight from OOC-hell looks like and why spouting philosophical arguments without really understanding nor actually thinking about them for more than 2 seconds and then having them be treated as if they're actually intellectually deep does not translate to a pleasant reading.

I know that sounds harsh, but it's literally what happens here. Kamui shouldn't give two shits about what this UBW-possesing OC says when it's the most moronic way to look at heroism and a complete anathema to what the actual character of both Shirou and Archer are about.

I'm not against having a different interpretation of the characters or making them be different to fit a story, nor do I think that not following the canon of things 1:1 makes any derivative story trash, just saying that it's all so forced and overall cringy I can't stand it.

Wish everyone who likes it a good time while doing so, but this story ain't for me at least.
9/5 c2 1VincentFS
I don't understand why you have Shirou spouting philosophical statements in situations where they aren't needed. Shirou is legit sitting in an interrogation room and is telling Ingenium, who just won one over him, that he shouldn't allow himself to lose sight of what's truly important.

"Can the Ingenium of tomorrow save more than the Ingenium of today?"

Like, what the fuck? Where did that come from? What did that have to do with anything that was just talked about? You just got your ass locked up and told it's either jail time or hero school dude. It doesn't make sense.

Completely out of the left field, mate. Lmao
8/23 c38 gabedane
If anyone has kept up with the manga then you know that Shirou absolutely took the best course of action there.
8/5 c24 Onion-00
he just asked how you stood up to allmight, why did you go give him your whole life story?
8/4 c24 Onion-00
he just asked how you stood up to allmight, why did you go give him your whole life story?
7/25 c56 kirito3229sao
update please
6/26 c1 Guest

Assange was a hero.
6/17 c35 Guest
Trash mc trash author stop writing you have no talent you bitch!
6/13 c56 Ow
my first impressions are that this is my ideal academia but edgier which is funny since that was just BHA but edgier already
6/8 c56 Guest
About time for Stain to shin after his shit training and as Rin’s man I mean manservant.
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