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6/4 c56 Guest
Shirou is a jerk. Rin is his best other half! Who one girl will follow an idiot around for heroic madness 5 decades, dropped her research, risked and saved his ass asking just one response that the idiot loves himself more?
Archer is too a jerk to ask Rin for this. Yeah Rin please look after his old self! Btw Rin is a prodigy, a vigorous witch now, yeah Shirou she can take them all, damn powerful anyway, badass and bitchy. About her feeling? Nope! heroic first, nothing else, he said they missed their chance. I just hope he doesn’t lose Rin in his madhouse plans. But I know this is not romance fic so that wouldn’t happen. I do like what Hagakure and gangs are spooking around, I look forward to the big bang with villains and heroes and I wonder which alter servant they might encounter, is going to be interesting.
6/3 c34 1RoachVit
Shirou Emiya, Mentor of Escalation
6/3 c56 5Hunter of Entities
Rin is like an angry mom arguing with her husband about a last minute business trip. Though I do have to wonder if there will a point where Eri deages Emiya back to the point in time where he has his arm
6/2 c56 Guest
Good one invisible girl is cool! I am still shipping Rin/Shirou but Shirou doesn’t want commitment then let Rin has her own life and a loveable man that she can cuddle with.
6/2 c56 21NewMystery356
That little moment they shared at the end was so cute~ I kinda want to ship “Torou” now~ As for the following conversation, at first I thought they were worried Midnight did something “inapropos” with Shirou, but the serious tone made more sense. As for the operation to come… If Shirou makes bounded fields along the route, doesn’t that mitigate the whole “berserk Servant” angle…? Anywho, looking forward to more!
6/2 c56 joshucka333
Enjoyed the hagakure interaction! I think she's got a ton of potential to be an interesting character that always gets overlooked in the my hero academia Fandom.
6/2 c56 Guest
This Shirou isn’t going to stop. He has no intention to stop. Not for anyone. Rin is a not a fool, she already knows his answer she will go home without him.
Oww.. La Brava is super adorable she promises herself to talk to Rin later about her own problem and I hope she does that soon.
I can’t wait to find out who manservant is send for this mission, let me guess Gentle? Stain will curse his witch lady! Haha.
6/2 c40 Kodaking
Cool. 9/10 times when a MC reveals their past, its abrupt, early and done in an unsatisfying way. This is one of the only fics where I feel like its done well.

Great chapt
6/2 c38 Kodaking
You fool All might
6/2 c56 Nechroz
Decades may have passed but Shirou still has his ways to have Rin agree with whatever bullshit he's come up with.
6/2 c56 3Fyr RedNight
Great work on this chapter.
6/1 c56 Guest
I can't be the only on that feels that izuku has been fucked out of most of his fights and achivements right?
granted, his name isn't up on the summary, but still
6/1 c56 Guest
6/1 c56 Suzululu4moe
Though at the very least she should get compensation some for her troubles . Given UA’s robot and building budget. A suitcase full of gems is the least he could arrange for her.
6/1 c56 wolflovercathater66
One thing that needs to be pointed out is the fact that Shirou and Rin were full grown adults and Ron said that she was older than Midnight making them in their 30’s while the students at UA are still teenagers so pairing shirou with them would be pedohillic.
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