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6/1 c56 Guest
Ouch Shirou doesn’t love Rin after all.

If he doesn’t love her, why is she still with him?
Is ok Rin, I like you, your reader loves you.
When Rin returns to her world, away from Shirou she will be fine. This Rin might excels close to Zeltretch’s level she could summon Lancer or Archer as her familiar, or another magus that loves her from their hearts, a lover to return to in her home.
Oh yeah don’t mind him she has papa Stain too! ;p Shirou can continue his dream works in MHA.

Heheh I’m back to my dilemma again.
Do I like this Shirou? Do I not like this Shirou?
No, I don’t like this Shirou!
But doesn’t mean I don’t like this story. I love ya work! Please continue and yes I look forward to next update.
6/1 c56 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
it was sweet that shirou mentioned hagakure's hair to make her feel better
6/1 c56 dragon slayer of death 98
aww i was hoping rin and shirou would get together
6/1 c56 3Maglad
I like the characterization, nice job.

Hopefully, we will get a proper love scene (and i don't mean a sex scene) with Rin and Shirou at some point that won't be one dying in the arms of the other.

Anyway, I was thinking about it... couldn't invisible girl get clothes made of her own hair so she doesn't has to be naked while stealthed? Even just cloning a sample of her skin and growing it large to make a pseudo-leather jacket would be good. Maybe something enveloping and practical like a biker's bodysuit? That 3rd year got a suit made in pretty much the same way so he wouldn't be naked all the time, right?

Also, pretty sure Rin could make a 'supressor wristband' for invisible girl so she can turn her invisibility off?
5/31 c56 PasiveNox
great chapter wonderful and nice talk with hagakure
5/29 c55 3Fyr RedNight
Great work on this chapter!
5/21 c55 Tobeeornottobe
Great chap! Can't wait for the next one!
5/21 c17 Tobeeornottobe
5/17 c55 3Maglad
Finally finishing reading through it all! I liked the chapter, and realize it was important to build up a very minor character, though it is a bit if a tell in the sense that now we know something big will happen very soon that will include La Brava, and that's why this little bit was important.

On a semi-related topic, still surprised Rin hasn't checked on helping her grow a little, or maybe copied Eri's memories into an item for Shirou. Then we could have the 1A kids find it by accident and learn about Eri's suffering that way, for extra growth and motivation to protect the innocent.
5/17 c54 Maglad
Yeah, I was wondering when they'd use the big guy to smash the building.
Also, surprised Rin and Shirou haven't used Rule Breaker as their go-to tool when dealing with villains, since it would be super efficient. These guys only know how to fight using their quirks. Take them away and they're harmless, and Shirou is all about efficiency.

Heck, I'm surprised they haven't offered to remove the quirks of dangerous villains in prison.
5/17 c50 Maglad
I'm 1/2 torn on why Rin doesn't just create a bounded field around the yakuza HQ and storms it like the wrath of God. I mean, its clear she's going to limit herself when using magecraft on the street, but defending her workshop, the academy, or attacking a building (post creating a bounded field around it) are the only times she's gonna get to shine from now on.
5/17 c49 Maglad
For some reason, I thought Rin and Shirou were 64. I guess it was because its been mentioned that they've been around for decades before the wizard marshall rejuvenated them, but I just assumed it was a round number, so 14 50 and there you go. Oh by the way I really want to believe Eri will let Rin's age out at some point in some completely innocent manner and Stain will go 'hah! I knew it!'
5/17 c42 Maglad
Uh, I wonder if Rin can help La Brava grow?
5/16 c35 Maglad
I'm so confused as to why there's servants now. I hope it was the author's plan all along and not a whim.
5/16 c34 Maglad
Suddenly SEIBAH? Feels so random, though
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