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5/16 c33 3Maglad
I 1/2 expect Shirou to turn the rabbit into stew and fry the nest's eggs
5/16 c31 Maglad
I am enjoying this so much
5/16 c22 Maglad
I'm not crying 'cause Rin left. It's raining.
5/16 c20 Maglad
I feel kinda sad there was no UBW.
5/16 c18 Maglad
Hell hath no fury...
I loved it.
5/16 c13 Maglad
I am so happy Shirou is using his powers in moderation. Too many fanfic authors seem terrified of having him use even 1/4 of his potential and try to cover it with the weirdest excuses, making him act out of character in the process.
5/16 c12 Maglad
Gae Bolg also has the cursed wounds thingie, but I am glad the golden spear got a chance to shine. Little bit sad Shirou didn't dual wield it like the Lancer from Fate/Zero
5/16 c5 Maglad
I was wondering if the author forgot about Rin being able to set up a bounded field to ward off the normies. I feel much better now that it's been explained she wanted them to get caught. I'm assuming she placed a large one around their living space so they can cohabit without people dropping in on them.
5/15 c5 Jack
The hand guy isn't a bad person? Yes he is. He gets off on murdering people and destroying property. He's incredibly malicious, sadistic, and violent. He's like the worst person in the entire mha universe. Just because he's immature doesnt make him not a bad person. What the hell kind of mental gymnastics did you go through to decide that?
5/15 c3 Jack
Wow. Douchebag shirou makes me REALLY want to continue this story (sarcasm).
5/4 c55 21NewMystery356
Hmmm… I wonder what favors Shirou will ask Kan to call in…
5/4 c55 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
poor la brava
5/4 c55 lmc9389
After they joyously murder many children they aren’t really people anymore. Just monsters that need to be put down
5/4 c55 Suzululu4moe
Aww. Maybe Rin could help . Lessons on self hypnosis n years or experience dealing with someone broken like Shirou.
5/4 c55 Guest
Yeap luv your work thanks! Oh La Brava is traumatised she needs hugs…they all need hugs even Shirou needs hugs too. Awesome to see another post, keep going please.
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