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5/4 c55 21NewMystery356
Hmmm… I wonder what favors Shirou will ask Kan to call in…
5/4 c55 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
poor la brava
5/4 c55 lmc9389
After they joyously murder many children they aren’t really people anymore. Just monsters that need to be put down
5/4 c55 Suzululu4moe
Aww. Maybe Rin could help . Lessons on self hypnosis n years or experience dealing with someone broken like Shirou.
5/4 c55 Guest
Yeap luv your work thanks! Oh La Brava is traumatised she needs hugs…they all need hugs even Shirou needs hugs too. Awesome to see another post, keep going please.
5/4 c55 wildarms13
damn! just loving bakugo's character development, in this series, it made him lovable as a character, to be the anti-hero if needed, to be what is needed
5/4 c55 PasiveNox
great chapter
5/4 c55 Agent Salad
Big fan of your series
5/4 c55 6Rankin de Merthyr
Oof. I've forgotten 1B is kill.
5/4 c55 Nechroz
Nice ! Some Bakugo development. Sadly, I can't say the same for poor La Brava. Girl needs some therapy
4/22 c54 21NewMystery356
Ah, I missed the back-and forth exchanges between Rin and Midnight…~
Binged this over a few days non-stop, and it was time well spent; a real roller coaster of ups and downs. That you didn’t re-enact EVERYTHING verbatim let you cover a lot of ground, and now that I’m caught up… I’m eager to see where you take things from here.
I’ll assume Shigaraki is referring to how Shirou embarrassed him, and I wonder how Gigantomachia compares to Heracles in terms of power…~
4/22 c53 NewMystery356
The thing about the eggs was funny, but Eri with a knife….
Infinitely cuter~
4/22 c52 NewMystery356
I would’ve liked to see more interviews. Maybe a little laconic humor. Vlad King being kept alive as an example is kinda dark as well. I wonder how long until Shirou gets his arm back; if Rin times it so it’s RIGHT as he gets the hang of the new arm, it’d be a delicious irony.
4/21 c50 NewMystery356
I’m surprised Gentle, knowing La Brava, hasn’t come to THAT conclusion…
4/21 c49 NewMystery356
Stain truly wished that he could refute that statement. HAH! I love it!
Also, I kinda wanna see Eri use her Wuirk on Shirou to give him back his arm. Though come to think of it, if she [Rewound] him far-enough, would he be able to circle back to his TRUE age…?
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