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4/21 c13 5Tenzo51
Oh and since I burned my review for fourteen I’ll put this here, have them head to some of the other capitals to handle other waves solo. Hazel can take them on and it would build her reputation as a one women ass kicking machine. Plus, bonus materials she can hand out later to the other heroes once they have earned them and gain new gauntlets for herself.
4/21 c14 Tenzo51
God this needs to continue, seriously there are so few good, lengthy rising of the shield hero stories we just need more of this.
4/17 c13 JtBlack-Hawk3198
The rule Hazel has forced onto her means that she is going to be effectively useless in later parts of the story if it gets far enough into Light Novel content due to the fact that there are conflicts later on that happen outside of the Waves that require all of the Heroes to work together due how powerful the threats they're facing are.

She also can't benefit from Cal Mira because all of the other Legendary Heroes are gonna be there.

Also the Heroes don't have Level Caps. Hazel shouldn't have a Level Cap as she is a Hero.
4/13 c6 Guest
Ok, that is actually a smart way of thinking around the contract between hero and weapon. The only problem with this is the contract because it applies to the intent and action. Ie a fork used with the intent to do harm weapon. Ie hurting people with object weapon. Therefore you have leway into how you do things and it doesn't deviate by alot from the source material.
4/13 c4 Guest
Glad you incorporated the Hengen Musou fighting style.

Fohl was able to use life force fully prior to becoming the Gauntlet hero thus allow him to not having no issues with using Hengen Musou fighting style when chosen as a hero.
4/13 c3 Guest
"Energy Boost: The heroes have energy called "EP" that they draw out automatically as power from the weapons, and this is always active. Assigning this energy to skills will allow more powerful skills to be used. This energy is like a combination of SP and life force and is eventually required to learn Liberation-class magic. This power-up method was first available to the Legendary Shield Hero."

Life force Ki
4/13 c2 Guest
Shadows are able to go toe to toe with with anime 4th wave elite monster groups (3-5).
4/13 c1 Guest
4 cardinal hero's - Spear, Bow, Sword, Shield
8 star hero's - Gauntlet (2), Hammer, Whip, Axe, Carriage, Claw (2), Staff, & Projectile.

Cardinal weapons required summoning to gain wielder and Star weapons required summoning or a worthy user (like sword in stone but requirements per weapon differ)

(2) 2 weapons but for one person.

Current holders - Cardinal weapons (all occupied),
Gauntlet (current user OC, story was supposed to be Fohl) (Stolen by Takt)
Whip (Forced subjugation by Takt)
Hammer & Axe (Forced Subjugation (and/or) taken by Takt)
Claw (Murdered holder then forced subjugation by Takt)
Carriage (Fitoria-Filolial Queen)
Staff ((King Aultcray Melromarc 32nd)/(Trash) first accepted then denied by Staff to later be accepted) (Naofumi) (Stolen by Takt)
Projectile (Later owned by Rishia Ivyred)

8 star weapons have all functions of the Cardinal weapons but has "potential power" and Cardinal weapon holder can order/remove the Star weapon user's status as a star weapon user. Exchange of this is that Star weapon user can move between worlds/dimensions during at any time and can communicate with their weapon at the start were as a Cardinal weapon user must fulfill certain requirement's. Once requirements are complete, the Cardinal weapon holder can meet with the Cardinal weapon spirit (Looks like a colored light spiky ball that can fly, color corresponds with the gem color.)

From Wiki
"The power-up method for the Vassal Gauntlets is "Skill Power-up Points." This power-up method provides points to heroes as they level-up to enhance their skills. This heroes can redistribute these points at will. Sharing this power-up method is only effective if the heroes work together"
Skills SP ie "Air strike shield"
4/10 c13 Guest
Please please update
4/11 c14 11Geoffro Madness
I love Hazel’s no nonsense attitude and doing what’s right which coincidentally goes against the king. Have Melty join the Belladonnas but still befriend Filo.
4/11 c14 11Glacyeel
It would be awesome if hazel found an egg containing a monster from the Monster Hunter series. Like the Magnamolo or the Akantor or Ukonlos.
4/11 c14 Asterville
Welcome back! Glad to see you are safe, author! This chapter was a nice surprise.
4/11 c14 3RonaldM40196867
There’s hope for Ren yet.

Hazel certainly has no patience for nonsense. Good for her.

Happy April!
4/11 c14 deathreapsonce

- Ice Mountain/Hotspring Training
- Yeeting Naofumi to Schieldfreeden for therapy
- Dungeon Spelunking
- Accidentally meeting the L'arc and Co.
3/21 c13 Ksfb1996
hop you are in good health, i can't wait for next chapter, love the story so far
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