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for Is This The World We Created

1/18 c17 Maeva Cerise
An excellent chapter indeed. Thanks. I look forward to seeing the decisions and actions that will result
1/17 c17 4candinaru25
o you got a really good story here. And i can't wait for more
1/16 c17 mooneysfate
thank you for such a wonderful update! :)
1/16 c17 Shelleykids
Liking the chapter. But on a personal note, did you just shorty lose someone?. You hit the nail on the head with the writing. Even for people who know, it never heals.. Not trying to be a downer (that alone tells my age hahaha) Just hope your well. Love your writing. Still maynot review much but.. Last few updateds need them :P TWD this one. I forgot to hit enter for The contract lol
1/16 c17 L.Doll
Yes, this version is way better.
1/16 c17 Sly Riddle
The bogeyman of the supernatural world is very aptly named!
1/16 c17 5Dark Neko 4000
Update please
1/16 c17 Reika Elvira Dare
Off with her head! Death to Kate Argent!
1/16 c17 sam
thank you ;)
1/15 c17 angelamirosh
Loved this chapter! Quick question though, do you have any recommendations to what to read next since I’ve read/looked over all of your books and can’t find anything else that’s good on this app?
1/15 c17 Reader
Death is way to kind ... I would love to read that the wizards captured her. Got a list of the families that she destroyed so that all or most of her victims were there to watch her get justice. Closer for all. Gerard, he and his family should be made to watch as their legacy ends.

And I nearly forgot, there needs to be a special hell for deacon
1/15 c17 PrettyGirlBPD13
I didn’t necessarily mind the squabbling but I do like that this way moved things along faster especially since we’re in storytelling mode at the moment. I hope you actually have Derek make the choice so that he can finally take control of his life and move on. As for Eichen, I think you could get away with barely dealing with it. There’s still a werewolf pack in BH handling most threats right now so few would be left to end up in the supernatural ward and as terrible as the rest of Eichen is, it’s mundane so beyond their purview.
1/15 c17 abiula05
1/15 c17 Kuran Darkwood
Gotta give it to you, yeah i agree much better in plot movement.
The other was good, also realistic i mean someone time travel and told you the world would end in 18 years I damn be in denial.
The new chapter makes them seem more like leaders. There's a problem we deal with it first then we panic.

Wonderful work! Kudos
1/15 c17 8ShadowPhoenix34
You could have Harry dealing with the Dread Doctors cause in a way they're trying to cheat deatg and I don't think Death would be very happy with that and whisper in Harry's ear they need dealt with
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