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for Charactia Part 1: Welcome to Charactia

10/11/2019 c7 JOHNHAMMOND1993
I'm glad that Gwen has found some friends who actually want to help her!
Remember, "Adventure is out there!"
8/3/2019 c5 JOHNHAMMOND1993
I hope that she will meet someone who is friendly, because it seems that everyone wants to give outsiders such cruel treatment, (The Doughnut clerk, the Businesswoman, the Starfleet officer) But Snape at least saved her.
Remember, "Adventure is out there!"
7/27/2019 c4 JOHNHAMMOND1993
What a cliffhanger! I like the Jurassic Park Reference in the film! But will Gwen find more friendly people? Or will is everyone against all knowers?
Will She meet Mr. Halliday, or the Terminator?
Remember, "Adventure is out there!"
7/24/2019 c2 JOHNHAMMOND1993
I like this idea! I wonder what characters Gwen will meet next?
Remember, "Adventure is out there!"
7/22/2019 c2 Anon
Good job lol

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