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for Who is a Wee Cutie Pie?

11/17/2020 c19 14myimagination2012
That's so cute
8/26/2020 c22 5Franki3W
Awww, I'm liking Michael more and more...but only in this size...I think!
I'm also glad Sam reluctantly agreed to let Rowena & Patrick take care of him!
8/26/2020 c21 Franki3W
Oh YES! LOVE it! This is my kinda revenge!
Patrick should come back to canon, help the boys out in the last 7 episodes! We could really use someone of his caliber!
8/26/2020 c20 Franki3W
Awwww, child Michael does sound more likeable and loveable! I hope Sam will see it too and how many years are they playing for?
8/26/2020 c19 Franki3W
Phew, so glad Michael could teleport to Rowena!
Poor Rowena - I take it its not often that she's rejected by a guy...
Oh no, what is under the bed?!
8/26/2020 c18 Franki3W
I don't like AU Bobby but he and Mary do deserve each other!
8/26/2020 c17 Franki3W
What? NO!
8/26/2020 c16 Franki3W
Well, I never liked Mary!
And this just proves it again for me!
Sam might as well just call her Mary because she is just another hunter to him.
8/26/2020 c15 Franki3W
hahahahaha Patrick 1 Vamps 0 :-D
8/26/2020 c14 Franki3W
Michael just needs TLC for once in his life! Can't anyone just give him a chance? I understand what he did, but I really feel bad for him!
Oh shit, hope Patrick will survive!
8/26/2020 c13 Franki3W
My heart breaks for Sam - thanks for that!
He never had the soft hands of a mommy to sooth him, he had a big brother who was little himself
He never knew a mommy's voice singing him to sleep or rocking him when he was upset
He never knew a mom's voice when he did something wrong or forgiveness in her eyes
He'll never have that
8/26/2020 c12 Franki3W
So is that all it took to wake Dean up? Put Michael to sleep?
8/26/2020 c11 Franki3W
I'm so glad Rowena & Patrick was in time to stop Jack!
Good Heart to Heart between Patrick & Jack.
8/25/2020 c10 Franki3W
Oh no Jack! What did you do!?
8/25/2020 c9 Franki3W
It wasn't right to trick Michael like that. They just added fuel on that fire!
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