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11h c5 rhandson.ghost
Just one word to describe this AU Path, Cool!
2/4 c1 mastermini
Back again to read one of my favorites! Hope you are doing well :)
1/14 c24 tkorn1001
Man hope this story updates soon extremely curious for shirou to be in the grail war seeing him interact with EMIYA and illya is going to be exciting and who knows who all the servants are going to be with artoria being alive now maybe shirou could summon muramasa as his servant or imagine if kiritsugu gets summoned in that grail war
1/13 c21 tkorn1001
Cool shirou just got a massive buff and some new subordinate too nice to see sumire show some of her care for him too.
1/13 c19 tkorn1001
Awesome so shirou looks like EMIYA
1/12 c18 tkorn1001
Altrouge is adorable
1/12 c17 tkorn1001
What if sumire or shirou tell altrouge about gilgamesh being alive? I imagine she would be concerned about the king of heroes being alive and I wonder how she would handle that like would she try to recruit him or just sick primate murder on him
1/7 c24 Still Not There
Must have read this story through 4 or 5 times, damn shame it’s dormant/dead. I get a huge kick out of Va-Fem’s pricing and the way people react to it.
1/6 c19 1Alb4tr05S
A lot of people are making the misunderstanding that this fic is bashing kiritsugu. But that's not really the case, and we're just getting an outsiders perspective of Kiritsugu, that Shirou was shattered and disillusioned by, leading him down the path of being an inhuman monstrosity.

It's partially Kiritsugu's fault, but that doesn't mean the story shies away from consequences of Shirou's own action born out of his resentment of Kiritsugu.
12/31/2023 c24 aidandiego1
will you be continuing this story? I love it
12/27/2023 c24 Kaykaykaykayan
This is such a great story! I loved every word of It, please continue, don't give up on it!
12/1/2023 c5 Guest
I think the body of blades is pretty cool
12/2/2023 c2 4hnh058513
Funny thing is Raiga(Taiga's Father) knew Kiritsugu was a Magus, and Taiga had met Waver and Iskander during the fourth war and it was that encounter that got both of them interested in Teaching
12/1/2023 c24 Between Calm and Storm
really good fic here. lots of world building and an interesting new direction that shirou and artoria are both going in.

You are working on more chapters... right?
12/1/2023 c3 tkorn1001
Damn now both of kiritsugu kids hate him
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