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10/2 c24 kgtab
This is honestly one of my favorite fics. Perhaps the favorite. The way you handle this worlds Shirou is amazing. Especially how Shirous awakened origin affects his judgement of things, by basically "cutting" what he sees fit (ike he has with Kiritsugu due to the betrayal incident) is no jokes something I would expect from actual FSN. I'm mad intrigued by what is further to come. Maybe even some Muramasa action to "forge" the walking sword we have there
9/25 c24 Guest
Will We Ever Get To The Grail War?
9/23 c1 MooHeeRoo
Shirou can infer that kiritsugu was trying to save people every time he killed simply by the fact that kiritsugu’s dream was still trying to save people. This is something shirou knows so to say that he can’t figure out the reasons behind why kiritsugu did what he did is false. Also sorry for bad spelling.
9/16 c24 Deepthoughts42
If someone made a knife or sword and wrapped the handle in human skin would Shirou be able to use the handle as a template to get his skin back? Or at least use it to make it more authentic
9/8 c24 orocontra2012
I really enjoying this fic,keet going.
9/4 c24 Guest
8/5 c24 dragon slayer of death 98
i really hope you do something with muramasa and his connection to shirou, i want shirou to forge myoujin muramasa and tsukimaru muramasa
8/4 c13 dragon slayer of death 98
i hope shirou learns how to CUT things, the purpose of the sword is to cut things basically
7/27 c24 Almighty Spartan
Great chapter will be waiting for the next ones!
7/25 c24 Binge
I am just hyped that Prelati appeared. Now to see how the dominoes fall regarding King Arthur, Ortenrosse and co.
7/23 c19 Guest
"Though his appearance unnerved her.
There was something about it that screamed to her that she'd seen him before.
Of course she pushed that budding sense of familiarity down, she'd known him since he was a child and knew there was no way she'd encountered him before."

Does that mean she encountered, or at least saw Emiya from afar in the past? If Rin still summons him, it'll be fun to see her reaction.
7/18 c22 ilayhyams
Will Shirou use the magical crest he ate at any point?
7/14 c24 Nobunaga
The time of the Nobu has Come. I shall be summoned and win this war.
7/15 c24 ashen abyss 00
excellent chapter, looking forward to the next. I do have one question tho when is shiro going to start researching how to combat his awakened origin, I have ideas and theories on how it could be done and am really looking forward to seeing how you solve the problem.
keep up the good work.
7/14 c4 ilayhyams
Will Shirou use the Fey nature that was imparted on to him as well? And will he get a gift from the Fey for returning Avalon?
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