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6/24 c22 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Oh man, i love Altrouge. She is so cheap lmao.
6/24 c22 Victorius 435
Well, things are gonna get interesting during the grail war. Archer is gonna be confused as hell. Artoria will need a system reboot. Lancer ga shinda. Caster will be next to useless. Gilgamesh will have a existence crisis. Rider won’t know what hit her. Berserker will be a puppy. Hotel trivago, that is how everything will be, probably. Pure and utter chaos and I like it. Can’t wait for the next chapter.
6/24 c22 SaintOfReach
6/24 c22 mp40king10
nice chapter
6/24 c22 DareusX
This fic just keeps getting more interesting. I am waiting for the inevitable clash of all these personalities during the Grail War
6/24 c22 Dasgun
6/24 c21 5Citopal
wow really didn't see that coming. this really does show how muh shirou has changed tho and not just physically. the shirou before would never hav allowed the vampires to live.
oh and now shirou has been made chaos' heir without even being made aware of the possibility. lol and all the clock tower will know is that a newbie teenage magus not only became a monster of the likes of chaos but also became the heir to the position almost immediately after being known. really want to see the panic the news will bring.
really great chapter.
6/24 c21 Gennarbear
You’re crazy, that was absolutely worth the wait. I’m almost vibrating by how excited I am from reading this! Great work, and don’t worry about keeping up a schedule, you’re doing this on your own time and don’t owe any readers anything.

Love this!
6/23 c21 2nekoshiroinu
yes a new chapter thankyou
6/23 c21 meatloverspizza
Good chapter.
6/23 c21 1Trapdere
Welp. I'm now sad I caught up with the progress. The story is so compelling I sat through the night (it's 11 AM now) and binged it in one sitting.

I especially love how you don't care to follow the conventions of writing fights, none of those artificially dragging out BS that I hate so much. Fights that are this onesided should end in seconds, and it's so refreshing to see it actually happen like it should. Kudos for that.

Also you somehow kept Sumire's character consistent, both as an inhuman monster and as a doting "onee san", which again is both a treat to read and probably incredibly difficult to write if the rarity of it in the fandom is any clue. Double Kudos for that.

Personally like the title Beast of Blades sounds more than Aleph Damascus, mostly because Blade as a shorthand isn't half as mouthy as Damascus.
6/23 c21 Jin Masters
This story is amazing, but as I am a normal retarded Fate fan, so please incorporate my head canon into your story even if it makes no sense and actively ignores the lore.
Make Shirou have a harem even though he is a walking mass of blades that has no idea how the mechanics of that would work.
Shirou should get his body back via convoluted means that will never work but because I want it please make it happen.
Shirou should be OP and have no conflict he can't beam sword spam away because I saw a youtube video about Fate that showed swords shooting laser beams.
Please add saber faces to Shirous harem cause I play FGO and I like saber face, I don't know who this artoria bitch is but kill her off and bring in Saber.
Thank you for writing this story and I can't wait for you to incorporate my amazing ideas into your story.
6/23 c21 Guest
Thanks for the update.
6/23 c21 Guest
This is really good man, good stories centered around Apostles are incredibly rare, keep on keeping on.
6/23 c21 Guest
Thanks for coming back, I hope your mental health improves. Good chapter.
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