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6/26/2022 c23 M3ri
I'm glad to see this story is alive, and thank you for the triple update! I look forward to Zouken's death and Rin interacting with Rita.
6/26/2022 c23 isoulmani
Even if the firehose is turning off you have put a lot of good will back into the story. It was always interesting but the lack of updates was worrying. Even if we don’t reach a conclusion what we do have has been an excellent ride.
6/26/2022 c23 Dasgun
6/25/2022 c22 nicolaslopezalbizu
Really really good don't worry about being late it's worth waiting for this fanfic
6/25/2022 c22 ivanruzic3758
If Shirou manages to survive until the Grail War, will he meet EMIYA and the two will have a showdown, or will Rin summon another Archer, seeing that Shirou can provide her with high-quality weapons to serve as catalysts?
6/25/2022 c22 uaeoaeoeoi
As far as Shirou's mana supply issue, there are several ways I can see that could effectively remove his need to consume blood.
One is gaining a copy of the Jeweled Sword Zelretch(granted that he can copy it and not get similar issues to trying to copy Ea) to supply mana to him, even if at a far reduced amount that the original could.
Another option is basically taking (assuming that knife copied from Rita can or can be modified to do so safely) or replicating the artificial magic circuits that are slowly killing Illia, the fact that Shirou doesn't have a physical/biological body for them to damage effectively removing all the drawbacks to them for him.
The least likely would be for him to gain a True Magic, simply because they all grant functionally infinite magic power by default, even if the body using them enforces a limited maximum safe output.
6/25/2022 c22 MrX
shirou would have to build a distillery in the castle for Sumire and if he bought a large butcher's shop Shirou would have industrial quantities of blood.
Sumire with a copy of Avalon when Artoria arrives she will not need to drown herself in alcohol to avoid the pain and thus be able to release all her strength.
Shirou would sympathize with Medea.
If Ortenrosse summoned a servant it would probably be Berseker Vlad.
Since Kiritsugu was a killer and he came very close to winning the Grail maybe Illya's grandfather could try to summon King Hassan?
6/25/2022 c22 Guest
So many Vamps are coming for the Grail War I can't help but think we'll have an Apocrypha failsafe situation on our hands. A Shirou who's gone all in on learning his Reality Marble is a scary thing. I really can't wait for what happens when he stands face to face with Archer. Scratch that, I can't wait for Rin's reaction
6/25/2022 c22 Diggin
2 updates so soon, glad to see this back.
6/25/2022 c1 Guest
Okay, can I say the grail war is seeming to set up his wielded? Maybe have more apostles realize he can be wielded and if they match well enough they can be used for the purpose of channeling Shirou

Literally the clues are there for the church/ clock tower, and the two vampire factions to realize this
6/24/2022 c22 Salvie

Why am I imagining the HGW having a Ruler and Archer as CG tasked with dealing with Shirou

Damn it would be dope once Shirou understands Kerry's decisions ,wether he forgives him or not doesn't matter
6/24/2022 c22 Guest
I love this.
6/24/2022 c22 Guest
Suggestion: Since his soul is a sword, to get around his awakened origin he could use blacksmithing to forge his soul into something that offsets its affects on his emotions and the whole "becoming a sword for whomever picks him up" thing.
6/24/2022 c21 MrX
Shirou being a sword he may not have a single master if Shirou gains control of a territory and he becomes the blade of his people.
6/24/2022 c21 MrX
An idea for servants could be:
Illya summons Assassin Jackie to steal Rider Medea's command seals;
Artoria gets Chaster Cu 'Chulainn through Scathach;
Strout summons Saber Altera;
Sakura gets Berseker Medusa because she is more damaged in comparison to the canon;
Rin Summons Archer Emiya and Shirou gets Lancer Enkidu.
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