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7/15 c24 ashen abyss 00
excellent chapter, looking forward to the next. I do have one question tho when is shiro going to start researching how to combat his awakened origin, I have ideas and theories on how it could be done and am really looking forward to seeing how you solve the problem.
keep up the good work.
7/14 c4 ilayhyams
Will Shirou use the Fey nature that was imparted on to him as well? And will he get a gift from the Fey for returning Avalon?
7/4 c24 Guest
Nice chapter but I wish we could have seen Rin torturing Shinji. No-one likes the Seaweed.
7/2 c24 Indra Cedar
Good ending for Sakura. She deserves better.

Also, I'm expecting for the reunion between Shirou and our beloved king Arthur, I will wait patiently. Hope you're doing well author!
6/29 c24 Guest
I feel like Shirou is being a bit unfair to Sumire, just using her for transportation constantly and that's about it.
6/29 c24 E
Am going die laughing if Rin’s wish for the Holy Grail is to turn Shirou back to human or at the very least give him a workable human form that he can change to for obvious reasons.

Too bad the Grail is corrupted.
7/1 c24 yarry06
Hey man, how that I know that you aren't dead, could you please pick up clouded psyche again? I really loved that series, as both a fan of fate and persona, and with shirou and yu being among my favorite protagonists, seeing them interact was awesome. You stopped just when the games plot was starting up, and I was really excited with rin and potentially shirou gaining personas. I'd figure that shirou would just unlock his persona, as by now he already got over his internal struggles with his fight against archer. Rin, however, probably still feels secretly guilty about how her relationship with shirou stops any chance of sakura being with shirou. I'd imagine that her shadow would torture her about this, complaining about she gave up her childhood crush out of guilt from being the one being chosen to stay a tohsaka, leaving sakura with the matous, and knowing that sakura also fancied him so that sakura could be with shirou. Only for said crush to turn around and fall in love with her instead.
6/29 c24 Guest
Ohh damn prelati
You'll include her(him) as master in the next HGW right?
6/29 c24 Drez13
Good author read Fate/Strange Fake? If so that's will be pretty cool could think to summoning legendary blacksmith servants to Grail War or something from Strange Fake
6/29 c24 Guest
I hope Shirou doesn't end up cutting ties with Sumire. I actually like their relationship.
6/29 c24 Guest
I hope he doesn't abandon Sumire or something.
6/29 c24 Anon
Thanks for posting The Distorted Shadow. I always enjoy seeing this fic updated. Definitely my favorite Apostle Shirou take. Good luck with things. I look forward to your next update.
6/30 c24 meatloverspizza
Great chapter
6/30 c24 1RoachVit
And seems like we'll be involving Prelati in the future! Whoowee
6/29 c24 ThisIsStorm101
Great Chapter.
Kind of anticlimactic but I like it.
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