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12/1/2023 c3 tkorn1001
Damn now both of kiritsugu kids hate him
11/12/2023 c24 aGnamZer0
I love how easily Shirou took down Zolgen.

Honestly, I was a little shocked when I heard Louvre the Daughter claim Shirou is one of the thirty strongest existence alive. That certainly brings things to perspective.

I'm a little sad he seemingly can't learn to cast bounded fields, or to make geass contracts or even to hypnotize civilians (those are the only three things that I find truly essential), but I'm sure once he copies the content of Gilgamesh and EMIYA's Noble Phantasms, he'll be able to have equivalents.

I'm truly looking forward to the war and to Shirou becoming exponentially stronger as he meets new opponents.

I have no idea who Prelati is, but she must hate Zolgen. That, or she's very interested in the secrets of his magic, I'm not sure.

Thank you for writing and sharing your work with us. It was truly an enjoyable moment and opened my eyes on the wider Nasuverse, of which I was blind to before today
11/12/2023 c23 aGnamZer0
Shirou sure is becoming a good Lord. Like everyone says, he's moving up in the ranks.

I love how Rin casually metioned that it looked like Shirou was making his own faction, because it's true it certainly looks so. Shirou's potential is truly infinite.

Everyone knows Rin loves Shirou (though whether it's a mere crush or actual love, I have no idea). And Sakura is Shirou's lover in some routes. Honestly, I hope Shirou will end up with neither of those once he finally gets back his personality (I mean, when his emotions aren't dulled anymore but his Origin). I hate harems, so I definitely don't want that, and I don't want him with either of them either.

Rather, and I just realized that despite the fact Arturia is listed together with Shirou in the tags, basically meaning you consider her all but the deuteragenist, her importance is currently limited.

She's strong, she'll only end up stronger, she shares didain for Kiritsugu with Shirou, she's immortal (as in she'll neither die of old age or illness with Avalon) and she's beautiful. If you want to pair Shirou with anyone (if there's any pairing of course, I'm certanily not against a Gen fic, they're way too rare), I hope it'll be Arturia.

Anyway, I didn't expect Rin and Shirou to decide to kill Zolgen in a single day and actually put their plan in action without waiting. I love it! Usually, there's a lot of planning and all, but if they succeed, I'll be delighted.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c22 aGnamZer0
So Chaos did know of the possibility that Shirou might be able to record Noble Phantasms. He's truly a cunning old geezer despite being so bloodthirsty.

Now that I think about it, it's a pity Shirou have back Avalon before getting the opportunity to record it. Then again, it's he doesn't exactly needs help when it comes to regeneration, but still...

What I'd really like to see right now is Shirou recording the contents of Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon and Archer's Unlimited Blade Works (though, honestly, if it wasn't for Sumire mentioning Shirou reminded her of someone, I'd have doubted he'd actually make an appearance in the war).

I'm a little annoyed that Nero chose to reveal Shirou's potential to Ortenrosse and his location when the War will happen, but I suppose it'll make things more exciting and heighten the suspense.

I love that Shirou took full advantage of getting Louvre as servant, and immediately constructed a new base and guaranted himself a teacher for when he has time to learn more about magecraft.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c21 aGnamZer0
In the end Rin didn't bring anything to Shirou (besides pointing him towards the Lakes of Norwey) but will benefit the knowledge of Louvre.

I'm glad he was able to record so many different weapons. Finally I feel like he's getting somewhere. Him just using normal swords was pretty sad to be honest.

I love how easily he decimated Louvre. Admittedly, he was pretty much his natural enemy, but still... It was a carnage (without blood since he spared them).

Kirei must be delighted with the results of letting Sumire train Shirou. He certainly grew to become 'interesting', as he would say.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c20 aGnamZer0
Shirou should really learn others languages. The only reason people knew to investigate Japan was because he spoke Japanese and that the language is rarely used outside the borders of the country.

Fragarach, huh? Didn't expect Shirou to stumble upon such a boon before meeting Louvre.

Ah, Taiga. You shouldn't have hidden that information from Shirou. Now Shirou will probably miss Louvre by a bit because he was busy looking for his castle and in the meantime Louvre will cause damages at Fuyuki and maybe even at yourself.

Huh... Didn't expect Van-Fem to have a introductroy volume to the Moonlit World. Sure is a useful thing.

I wonder how much will Van-Fem reveal to Waver, Arturia and Lyons. I'm quite eager to be honest.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c19 aGnamZer0
I'm glad Shirou finally got rid of his skin (even if it was by necessity more than anything else).

That being said, I'm displeased he ended up looking like Archer. While I love the tanned skin, I love much less the white hair. More importantly, I dislike Archer and don't want Shirou looking like him.

Still, it's interesting that Sumire seemingly already met Archer in the past. I wonder when she'll realize. Maybe she won't until the Holy Grail War;

It's nice that Shirou's finally starting to getting known in the world. The Clock Tower and the Church both having finally realized the danger he presents.

I love both the monickers "Beast of Blades" and "Aleph Damascus".

Now that the church's involved too, I wonder if Merem's gonna meet Shirou. I like him a lot so I look forward to it.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c18 aGnamZer0
I'd like to ask you if you could give me a list of medias I should read or watch. There are so many things in this story I don't know if they're canon or if you came up with them.

Like Atlantis technology. Altrouge's hobbies. Strout's sword. Those kind of things. Speaking of his sword, I checked the wiki, and while it is mentioned it's called Neardark if I truly look for it, did you come up with its abilities or is it canon? If so, where did you learn about them? I'd truly like to learn more about the Nasuverse, but there are so many medias, I'm lost.

Anyway, I love the idea that Altrouge is secretely an oktaku. I'm amused that Shirou managed a feat no one succeeded at before, befriending Altrouge (even if it was because she was flat-footed due to being defenseless and thus let her true personality shine through).

I'm worried about Shirou's origin possibly eating up his personality though. It's something to be wary of.

« But to have a Yakuza family would certainly be a boon to his domain. It wouldn't surprise him if the boy eventually took all of Japan »

Is Yakuza's influence so high? Form my understanding, their influence only extends to the limit of their territory which is often only but a district or a town. The fact Raiga knew Van-Fem certainly seems to point that he has contacts abroad and is not to be underestimated, but would becoming the head of a Yakuza family really that useful?

Also, did you come up with the power levels, or is it canon? Like for example Arturia being many times weaker than Schathach.

Still, things are becoming really interesting. Now even Strout's gonna participate in the Holy Grail War. I'm so excited!

« "I guess I should have gotten you a Nokia then," the man said, his tone intentionally light.

"… is that a joke?" she asked, she honestly couldn't tell if it was a joke or not.

"Kind of… kind of not," the man responded, "anyway, I'll send for a taxi to pick you up and a flight back to London." »

It was truly hilarious. "Kind of... Kind of not," I can't agree more. It's a joke sure, but at the same time it's the truth, so... I mean, a Nokia would probably survive a meteorit impact. XD

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c17 aGnamZer0
I love how Shinji's worries and accusations were so casually dismissed by Kirei. That was certainly very satisfying.

Honestly, Taiga surprised me by wanting to witness Sumire feed from a human. Didn't think she'd have the guts to do that, even if she lost that opportunity due to an unexpected encounter.

Personally, I'd love for Shirou to meet Gilgamesh and to copy his swords. Though, how to convince Gilgamesh not to kill him for it, I don't know.

Speaking of, this reminds me of the battle between Shirou and Gilgamesh and... did Shirou ever receive the rewards of the Feys for giving them back Avalon?

Certainly didn't expect Shirou to meet another Ancestor while meeting one of Raiga's contacts. I knew as soon as the ship looked empty in his mind, but for such a coincidence to happen... Shirou's truly loved (or hated) by fate.

Now that Shirou was payed 2.5 billions yen for giving away an information about his method of fusing with his Reality Marble, it should remind him that just because an information is worthless to him doesn't mean it's worthless for someone else and should allow him to become better at negoicating and keeping secrets and assets for himself.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c16 aGnamZer0
Did Shirou use his Structural Analysis at the end there, to check for any worm in the house? If not, it was dangerous.

I like the idea that Zolgen knows Sumire. Makes things more interesting and will make Zolgen all the more interested in Shirou.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c15 aGnamZer0
I really don't feel like the Fujimura Group can bring anything to Shirou. They're just a mundane group after, alliance with the Clock Tower or not.

Honestly, at this point, even if Shirou wants to kill her, I'd prefer if Rita was his teacher.

So Arturia learnt Runes. That may be one of the best methods to kill an unkillable being. I hope Shirou will quickly become stronger (i.e that he'll find Louvre and Trace all his weapons).

Didn't think Sumire was the oldest. Intersting. If only she wasn't a useless drunkard.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c14 aGnamZer0
Yep, Shirou became pretty inhuman.

Personally, I imagined a swirling ball of swords when Shirou tried to stop Sumire and Taiga's conflict. It was pretty damn imrpessive!

Atlantis! Might I ask you whether the technological superiority (AI that still works to this day, nanomachines, fusion of magic and technology...) is your own interpretation, or if it's a fact of the Nasuverse.

Speaking of, what are your sources? I've only ever watched tha different animes (FS/N, Fate Zero, UBW, Fate/Apocrypha, Tsukihime, Kara no Kyoukai and The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II), but that's all. I did try FGO, but I hated the first episode, so I didn't continue.

What else should I watch, read or play (though honestly, I'm not much of a gamer, didn't touch a game in more than a decade... but well, I know VN are less a game and more a multiple-choice story with different endings based your decisions)?

I love how Rita has managed, in a just a few scant minutes, to make Shirou doubt of the value of humanity, or rather of his own ability to keep seeing them as beautiful and invaluable.

I also love how she managed to make him believe that maybe everything that happened in his life until now was fated, and nothing could have chanegd that.

Rin sure started strong. How to keep a head alive, huh?

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c13 aGnamZer0
Honestly, I still consider the whole thing with Taiga and the Fujimaru Group a loss of time. A power base? What can a mere Yauza gang bring to the table against magus and dead apostles?

And Raiga wants to make Shirou his successor? It would tie him down in Fuyuki. I don't want that.

That aside, I love just how much stronger Scathach is compared to Arturia. It's awesome!

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c12 aGnamZer0
To be honest, I like Sumire less and less. At first I found her interesting because I had never seen her, but now she just annoys me with how thoughtless and irresponsible she is.

Oh, so it's not the Isle of Skye itself that ended up in the Land of Shadows, the Isle existed only as a bridge towards it.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c11 aGnamZer0
I still don't like Rin learning so much about Shirou, but there's at least one advantage, now Shirou will have someone to teach him proper magecraft.

While Sumire might not know much about magecreft, I don't think she was necessarily wrong about her definition of a Rality Marble. After all it did work. Rather than wrong, I'd say it's incomplete.

Huh... Arturia getting training from Scathach, huh? Besides the fact that the latter uses a spear, it's true that she's probably much stronger than Arturia, and certainly one of the best teachers in the world.

That being said, that's the exact problem. The Isle of Skye isn't in the World anymore, it's outside of the World, in the Land of Shadows (in the Nasuverse at least).

Thanks for the chapter.
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