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11/12/2023 c10 aGnamZer0
Honestly, much like with Taiga, I find myself frustrated that Rin learned about Shirou. It's especially frustrating since Nero basically forced him to reveal the specifics his magecraft to her.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c9 aGnamZer0
Rin's pride will one day be her undoing. Plus, because of it, she might just find out about Shirou tonight.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c8 aGnamZer0
Honestly, I really don't see why you told Taiga about magic. She doesn't serve any purpose. If anything, she's only a burden leeching off Shirou.

Eveyrone's getting their own side. Arturia's gonna become a master, but since she hates Kiritsugu, she's not gonna side with Shirou, unless she finds out he hates Kiritsugu just as much, if not more than she does.

Shirou believes Rin lives to kill Apostles, so he's definitely not gonna side with her.

Things develop in interesting directions.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c7 aGnamZer0
Personally, I believe Sumire went a little too fast in revealing Shirou's existence to the Dead Apostles. I hope Shirou won't pay the price.

It will be fun to see Arturia's existence revealed to the Clock Tower too. Good luck Waver!

Now, I wonder how the meeting between Shirou and Nero will go.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c6 aGnamZer0
I'm looking forward to Shirou finally being able to mimick his skin with swords, because this is becoming a weakness (especially the prana expenditure to make it look healthy).

I wonder what will be the reaction of... well, everyone at Arturia returning from the deads more than a millenium after her passing.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c5 aGnamZer0
Fully transforming into a sword, huh? Well, he's certainly ballsy. I wouldn't have dared to transform my brain.

But I suppose it makes sense, in a weird way. His memory now stored in his Reality Marble I think.

A sense that wasn't mentioned but must have been very hard to lose for him, especially considering how good a cook he is, is taste.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c4 aGnamZer0
Huh... Didn't expect Shirou to already learn how to turn his body into swords, nor to find the first aria of his Reality Marble.

« "Should you meet this boy again, give him our regards," she told the Vampire, who simply smiled in response. »

Felt weird. It's like there's already a set or rewards ready for that cirumstance. I'd think no one would have ever been able to predict a human would willingly separate themselves from Avalon. And even if they did, I doubt the rewards would already be ready and that Sumire would have them on hand.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c3 aGnamZer0
Well, truths are certainly shaped towards showing Kiritsugu in a bad light.

While they're all technically true... Oh, well, it'll make things interesting. I wonder how a Shirou who completely lost faith in everything Kiritsugu ever taught him will grow up like.

Still don't like Taiga knows about the Moonlit World.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c2 aGnamZer0
Can't say I like Taiga learning about the Moonlit World.

I'm not surprised about finding out Kirutsugu never intending to teach Shirou magic. It never made any sense for Shirou to not have his magic circuits unlocked.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/12/2023 c1 aGnamZer0
Well, that's certainly a very intriguing chapter.

I'm glad Shirou will finally receive some actual magecraft training.

I'm a little frustrated he gave away Avalon like that (feels like nerfing since it could save his life once Arturia is summoned in the Fourth Grail War).

I wonder just how strong he'll became under Sumire tutelage.

It's also the first time I see Sumire, so it's it makes things even more interesting for me.

Thanks for the chapter.
10/20/2023 c1 NTMkensei03
Happy Shirou Day!
9/18/2023 c1 3nekoshiroinu
update this please it's rare to find dead apostle ancestor emiya fic already so don't cancell continue
9/16/2023 c1 8Zarathustra ubermensch
I'll make you come back
8/31/2023 c24 Ruto Shorikin
Are you going to update this.
8/24/2023 c24 Guest
I am baggin you to come back and write this beutyfull shit.
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