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6/29 c24 3ricsi0309
Some of this felt pretty forced, plot wise. Like, Rin absolutely wouldn't have killed over a moment of passion, and Zouken did reform a body after Sakura crushed the one in her chest, too.
6/29 c24 evilstatistic19
Great chapter looking forward to the next one
6/29 c24 USSRParrot
“His body is composed of entirely blades,” Rins response made her do a double take, “he has no hormones to fuel such things... unfortunately.”

Well ok there Rin
6/29 c24 1SentinalSlice
I thought for sure that Rita was about to reveal Shirou’s location. By the way, is that Prelati the same one who gave Gilles that book? It’s a bit of a shame that Shinji died. I thought that with the way things were going he would have survived. Not to mention he had a lot of knowledge on the Matou magecraft, despite not being able to do it.
Since Shirou’s body is made of blades, could he clone himself? Or create familiars out of himself?
I really enjoyed this chapter. I can’t wait for more.
Anyway, please keep up the great work!
And stay healthy too!
6/29 c24 oguh
Was Sakura already implanted with the Grail fragments or it only happen after the war started?

Shirou analysis and Louvre knowledge should be enough to notice irregularities in the grail and that it will start sooner that expected

I love this non fight with Zouken, most stories elevate him so much that even multiple servants couldn't win, witch is crazy because even high level Apostles fear servants
6/29 c24 de fanfic a audiolibro
Esto es increíble me encantan tus historias
6/29 c24 13D.N.Works
Gotta admit...Zouken died WAY to easily. Granted, I u derstand why as it's clear Shirou is in a league of his own, but it still felt anti climatic. But maybe the Holy Grail War will change that.

A d it seems our monstrous blade is now having problems with his sis, which makes sense while a pair of sisters are slowly me ding their own relationship.

And then we have Pretali...not good. Killing Zouken may have caused a worse evil to come.
6/29 c24 ArcrayREI
I hope someday Sumire and Shirou will find a way to bond with each other more. Recently she's just been a convenient taxi. Right now though, I suppose Shirou have to focus on finding a way to deal with Ortenrosse first. Great chapter.
6/29 c24 Bashleyz
Good. I wait the next.
6/29 c24 JonnyBoboThe1st
Great chapter! I wonder what will happen in the future with Sumire, it seems like they still don’t trust each other.
6/29 c24 2UnholyDiver
I get that Shirou’s current state is a pretty hard counter to Zouken’s biggest advantage, but I’m still kinda disappointed that the old worm jobbed as hard as he did. You’d think a centuries-old, genius-level magus like Zouken would have more robust defenses in place around his workshop that aren’t just ‘more worms, lul’.
6/29 c24 2OgamiRei-kun
The boy who kept attempting the high jump years ago
Ahahahah i laughed out loud, the high jump strikes again!

I froze when you introduced Prelati, Gilgamesh will certanly find the new grail war interesting if all this characters decide to be interested, and Prelati might actually get the seals and position of the Makiri line

I am definitely intrigued and interested, but aren't you fearing you are introducing a bit too many characters? specially recurring ones; genuine question
6/29 c24 JustDusty
You have no idea how eager I am for the meeting between Shirou and Artoria. Or even the Clocktower folk.

I have a feeling Artoria isn't going to like Shirou on principle and they might end up becoming enemies. That would probably suck.
I hope Shirou at least ends up making plenty of friends and allies since he seems to be losing whatever remnants of humanity he had left.
I liked to believe that Shirou actually started growing on Sumire but I guess that's not the case.
6/29 c24 Amortal
Went better than I thought it would with that plan, but when you are powerful I guess you don't need one. I look forward to the next chapter
6/29 c24 dragonballaca
this is amazing!
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