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7/4/2023 c24 Guest
With you bringing in Prelati does that mean the Snowfield grail war will be involved in this fic?
7/5/2023 c1 kevinthegoat0304
Interesting story. A different take on Shirou but Arturia being alive is completely unnecessary but i do love the Scathath inclusion since she is my favorite waifu.
4/23/2023 c24 1INeedMorePower
4/12/2023 c14 1sociallinksora
at this point I can barely see this character as Shirou. he's definitely still there but he feels more like Flux the warfoged artificer from vestige of ofucus. still a lovable idiot but very different characters.
3/5/2023 c16 8Let Me BeLazy
Is it wrong to want Taiga to have some superpower rather than being like this?
2/18/2023 c24 Guest
Can ORT hack the grail and summon itself?
2/16/2023 c18 Qstar-the-deciver
I get that shiro hates Kiritsugu but hearing him talk about how much he hates the man every single time he's brought up is very annoying. Its understandable but still very very annoying. That's probably the one thing I dont like about this fanfic. Everything else is great. 9.5/10
1/14/2023 c24 Guest
Another year of not writing anything and finding every excuse you can to justify your disinterest.
12/22/2022 c5 10zora does not exist
Shirou's a Adeptus now.
12/19/2022 c24 Hitmen101
Thanks for the chapter! :D :) I hope you continue this. :)
12/18/2022 c22 Chuck Norris420
great story so far keep it up bro
10/4/2022 c6 Guest
So ya made the homie a pale ass vampire... Big lame. Him scarring and his hair whitening as a side effect is and forever will be a more bad ass look.

We move
10/4/2022 c5 Guest
... the whole turning into swords thing is a bit lame... He IS a sword. Point, blank, period. So why is he turning into swords. What is there to gain by doing that?
10/2/2022 c24 kgtab
This is honestly one of my favorite fics. Perhaps the favorite. The way you handle this worlds Shirou is amazing. Especially how Shirous awakened origin affects his judgement of things, by basically "cutting" what he sees fit (ike he has with Kiritsugu due to the betrayal incident) is no jokes something I would expect from actual FSN. I'm mad intrigued by what is further to come. Maybe even some Muramasa action to "forge" the walking sword we have there
9/25/2022 c24 Guest
Will We Ever Get To The Grail War?
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