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9/13 c6 Catacus
Well, it's been a year now soo I guess this story is completely dead, thanks for writing this by the way it was pretty great.
9/9 c6 Bruhmeister935
Please update this story soon cuz it's awesome
8/23 c6 cletusdeletusman
I’m not sure if you’re still on this story, or even on this website anymore but please, continue this story if you can, its an interesting crossover handled well
7/25 c6 ZeBaguetteFromFrance

Most made in abyss stories are usually mediocre at best and horrible at worst. But you my friend have delivered a story that goes above and beyond! I never actually realized the parallels between STALKER and made in abyss. You've also shown a great comprehension of the lores of both titles.
The fanfic has an awesome and well executed premise with believable character and motives that shows us the more human aspect of the abyss.

Honestly this fic deserved to be continued, so if you ever have a flash of inspiration it'd be nice to see where this wild ride might bring us.
6/16 c6 ChaosInsurgent
That was great, druzhische! Hopefuly, someday you regain passion for this story and continue it.
5/31 c6 2Gerhman Remington
I hope your alive and healthy. Hope you one day return.
5/31 c6 15weasel AKA boundedsumo

5/31 c1 weasel AKA boundedsumo
4/22 c6 3NlaEid
Well, this story was a fun ride while it lasted. Thanks for writing!
4/6 c6 Guest
Please, I wanna see this update. It's so good. It's actually the only good made in abyss fanfiction out there, please come back!
3/18 c6 Nantono
Update! This story is very nice.
3/1 c6 Mancubye
Приємно бачити рідну мову
2/17 c6 Guest
Please bruv, update this masterpiece
1/26 c6 Guest
Fucking update.
1/25 c6 Guest
This is quite literally the only good made in abyss fanfiction out there!
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