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12/25/2023 c2 16Plague Doctor 2035
Stepping on a lego is always painful
8/4/2020 c2 37Proffesor Ass Spiders
A fairly good first story, better than mine.
But stepping on Lego does not hurt that much. I stomped on a brick once, and I was underwhelmed. Electrical plugs on the other hand... they hurt like hell. The ones in Australia are thin and rectangular, so they hurt a lot. I'm sure all plugs hurt, though.

Regardless, a nice story. Funny how you uploaded this twice, I swore I recognised that name. Silly sausage.
12/30/2019 c2 21Logan Jindrak X
I agree, Jewel is a good mom. A firm one, but a good one nonetheless. I liked playing with legoes too when I was a kid. I never did anything too big, but I had a good time with my friends at school. In fact, one of them once did a huge mess just like the kids and had to clean up too.

I can't wait to read more of your little stories.
12/30/2019 c1 Logan Jindrak X
That was a fun part of hide and seek. I liked how you proved that Bia was smarter than her mother and made her win. And the tickling part was so ADORABLE! I always thought tickling was a perfect way for families to bond together.
7/24/2019 c1 monsterjamvadim

I feel like someone has already done a story like this
7/23/2019 c1 5Kraft58
I like many things about this. I like that Blu's name is Jesse tubing the actor who played him. I like how Linda have him the name Blu. Your spelling is great, punctuation is decent, there's some flaws but overall nothing overly critical that needs to be fixed. It goes fine without the corrections.

There are some parts that threw me, at first when it was revealed that the characters name was Jesse I thought ok we have a human story which was further hinted by him living in a house and not a tree, going to school, talking with Linda, and riding the bus. But then the word bird popped up and thought I'd this another story with anthropomorphic animals. I like that but there should be more emphasis on it (if even in author notes)

Great introduction to Blu overall.

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