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10/18 c53 Guest
Are you going to make a sequel
10/2 c53 1Darknessdawns
Now this was a very interesting story. I wasn't expecting it to go the direction it did, especially at the end. There were several original concepts in this work and I really enjoyed that about it. Now I'm very curious about the sequel, Harry's abilities, and tons of other things. Hell, I still want to know just how much Harry learned from his three mentors, if he ever made that staff he needed, and what he's learned about the power he channeled. It's hard to say anything without leaving spoilers in this review. There was just so much that happened within the story and so many questions that were left behind.
9/22 c53 1Jimbocous
Thanks for a great read! Very Nicely done.
9/22 c1 Sahamosveb
I love the story, but I've found that by skipping the spirits flashbacks, I don't lose anything. They are useless, and frankly, boring.
8/28 c9 kingpj999
This is the most cute Fleur I have seen in a fic
8/27 c2 kingpj999
I can't understand why this fic have so few favs, the writing level is superb.
8/27 c1 kingpj999
Interesting start, seems that Voldy wouldn't be the biggest problem
8/26 c33 leadwolf72
in all the potter stories its harry/fleur , harry/greengrass, or harry/luna. never liked harry/ginny great story so far
7/5 c1 1Sankarea396
Actually Elysium is the place only Heroes go to, Asphodel is where us, normal, not special, ordinary people go when we die while The fields of punishment is where those villains go after death. As for Tartarus he's a primordial as well as a place, I'm not really sure but i think only the reallly bad/ wicked people go there but it is usually where the gods put their enemies to lock them up like the titans
6/30 c14 jimmy.oz
Re reading this and all and still a pretty good story. but morgana was kind of right since after all Guinevere did end up betraying Arthur and all at least in most stories.
2/21 c48 Sankarea396
Y'know It's really sad how people portray Hades... you 'kidnap' one woman to marry her and the whole of greek mythology portray you as evil cause he rules the underworld honestly if that was the case then zeus and Poseidon should've been cast off to Tartarus already most of the greek mythologies and monsters are created cause they couldn't keep it in their pants to the point where they rape, kidnapped and manipulate just to do so and what's worse is they do this even though they have wives! Hades was single!
2/5 c53 4The Infinite Dragon God
I've had a feeling about this story and so I never read It because I couldn't figure out why it bugged me. it was so good I thought I was just being paranoid. then I read the epilogue... as much as I love it, I hate the cliffhanger so much rn lol, can't wait for more! amazing job!
11/25/2022 c53 52EdTheBeast
Strange. Not bad. But not ended.
10/9/2022 c53 9Zaidee Lighthart
I just read this (reread it? It’s been too long) in one sitting and I loved it! Thank you for taking the time to write this and sharing it with us. All I can say is please, when you are able to, please write the sequel! I cannot wait to see what might happen next. From about the time Harry saw the Evans family crest or shield, I have been trying to think of how the gods might be involved in this story.

Somewhere along the way I got this idea in my head that the gods might have some how been forced into mortal reincarnation and that Harry could be Zeus in mortal form.

Now, obviously, I doubt my guess was anything close to right. I really want to know though. In some stories I’ve read Greek hero’s could be offered the chance to become a minor god if the hero did something amazing enough, and now I keep imagining Harry and Fleur awaking the gods, there being some epic battle somewhere, Harry becoming something of a son to Zeus and Harry and Fleur eventually becoming gods themselves.

I’m going to stop here though. This is getting to long. I can only hope that one day soon you feel inspired enough and have the time to write that sequel though. Because I would love to know what could happen next. Thank you for writing this great story.
5/17/2022 c53 2WanderingSwordsman97
I just read the whole thing in less than 2 days. It was so gripping; I loved it. Great story, awesome writing!
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