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for The Saga of Shirou's Summons

5/30 c63 Guest
I sort of wanna see one of these for Enkidu
4/16 c61 Sandwich-kun the 3rd
I damn near started crying by the end of this.
3/3 c11 13Endless Feeling
This chapter was so fucking good
10/27/2023 c9 LambMan2424
aint this just tachie?
8/29/2023 c2 Guest
You know the reason saber couldn't materialize is because she was technically still alive inside a paradox that wouldn't happen with other servants and without avalon shirou is dead.
8/18/2023 c49 41metacllica
Love this storyline.
8/18/2023 c40 metacllica
This chapter was masterfully written. Shiro and Semiramis really could become friends if he stopped being so damned stubborn. Hopefully he takes what assassin said to heart going forward.
7/11/2023 c44 Guest
God this amazing see that dickwad shinji get killed and modred tell shirou off for calling him his friend and acting like he didn't get what he deserved was pretty pleasant
3/8/2023 c63 ArcherFF
I just want to say, thank you, thank you so much for this story. you made me laugh, think and cry, you have inspired me to have the courage to make my own stories. I don't know where you are, what you are doing or how you are, but I hope you are well and I wish you the greatest happiness for having made me feel everything I said
3/2/2023 c63 Guest
Need to do one where Artoria gets paired with mirror universe evil Shirou
2/25/2023 c63 Guest
Just need the summoning to really go wrong where mirror universe Shirou and saber alter swaps places with is normal self, Everyone having to deal with evil Shirou would be fun.
1/2/2023 c33 Guest
this chapter is the best piece of crack i've ever snorted
11/1/2022 c63 Guest
I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this collection of stories with us. It's been a wonderful read!
10/20/2022 c63 kgtab
It was an amazing ride. Never realized that I wanted story like that until I had it. Tamamo's route felt definitely the best, but imo Kiara's story might have been bit better if it was finished. Anyway thanks for this fic
9/7/2022 c63 keybladelight
Will you continue the mordred story
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