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for The Saga of Shirou's Summons

1/4 c22 4DaDragon562
Man this was some deep grief hurt and comfort, loved the Ilya tie in to the scene
1/4 c52 DaDragon562
Damn this was a deep chapter, big bro Cu with Big sis Taiga, technically both are lancer servants
1/4 c21 DaDragon562
This was great, including Shirou's regret and Hercules esque Cu moments, not to forget the copy cat Gae Bolg move
1/4 c6 DaDragon562
Love how fun cu chulain was in this chapter, looking out for eroge protagonist shirou only for shirou to be too oblivious
1/4 c44 DaDragon562
I quite enjoyed hearing Mordred's pov here
1/4 c59 DaDragon562
Omg this was so precious. Both the idea that Shirou may stop the grail war by effectively becoming a mangaka that draws blackbeard doujinshi to satisfy his vicarious goals, as well as the finale with him saving the real scathach ultimately with his abilities and Rin.

Loved every bit of this.
1/4 c2 DaDragon562
Omg Scathach teaching Gaelic to her students is hilarious, as is the way her relationship with Shirou is so supportive yet different. I like how SHirou sued his command seal here to direct her actions more but not to necessarily limit her power
1/3 c53 2Noreen I-shi
Shir, her arc so dark dude. I'm pitiful for Shiro
1/3 c45 Noreen I-shi
Nice recommended, hope u follow the story so i can get it from ur profile, ty
12/29/2021 c59 Mr.hey you
Unless you’re planning to write a separate version with the Caster version of her, which could also be interesting as Shirou could actually have a competent teacher when it comes to Magecraft, this was a nice send off for the Scathach story line, you did a really good job developing Shirou and Scathach’s relationship despite how short this storyline was, you can really tell just how much they came to mean to each other at the end. Loved it.

There’s so many Servants I’d love to see Shirou interact with, I’m sure you’ve got plenty of ideas of who to write about.

Raikou, I can just imagine how Shirou would react to her ‘Ara Ara’ powers as well as finally having a mom (even if it’s a scary one).

Also Nero, despite sharing the same face as Arturia the two of them couldn’t be more different. It would be funny to see her interactions with someone as twisted as Shirou.

Proto Saber (AKA real King Arthur) given that he’s someone who pretty much embodies everything Shirou aspires to be.

Someone already suggested this but Atalanta/Atalanta Alter could be interesting for Shirou to interact with an Archer who doesn’t want to kill him, maybe have her start out as an Archer and she becomes her Alter/Berserker version later on.

Astolfo cos Astolfo.

Muramasa or Ishtar cos I want to see Shirou’s reaction when he either summons an older (and buffer) version of himself or an older Rin wearing a skimpy outfit and demand that he worship her.

Also I wouldn’t mind seeing follow ups to both Mordred and Semiramis’s chapters to see how much their relationship with Shirou has developed, particularly Semiramis after the whole thing with Caster.

Anyway looking forward to see what you come up with next.
12/26/2021 c1 3Axar21
Excellent concept and so well executed. You really show knowledge and respect for the lore. Kudos to you.
12/23/2021 c41 littlerecon28
This is my favorite thing ever and I would love a full story about this
12/18/2021 c59 Todoroki Shoko
A bit disappointing by how few installments there are with this. I, personally, would've liked more intimate and casual moments between Scathach and Shirou. Such as them going to a restaurant, going shopping, a beach or swimming pool, or something else. I'd have liked some of that, especially since Shirou probably wanted Scathach to see what the modern world was like for herself so she could decide what, if anything, she wanted to use her wish for with that in mind.

Also, can we get Okita soon?! I've literally scoured the entire internet trying to find decent Shirou and Okita stories. No dice.
11/30/2021 c59 orocontra2012
Nice ending with Scathach.
11/29/2021 c59 1keybladelight
Will you continue to do mordred pendragon.
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