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for The Saga of Shirou's Summons

1h c52 Guest
Great chapter. Love Cu, I rally liked how you fleshed out Taiga as well. Really awesome chapter, hope to see another soon!
14h c52 Giuseppe
Damn, this touched my heart. Poor Taiga, I''m sure if that conversation was put in UBW anime we could've seen Shirou (and Archer) in a new light, as a heavily traumatized and somewhat insane boy instead of your tipical shonen hero (at least it is the impresion uwb anime give to men, unlike zero where the Kiritsugu we see was clearly not a hero even thoug he (unconciously) tried to be)
15h c48 8The Keeper of Worlds
Ya, Circe is warped
16h c38 The Keeper of Worlds
...That’s Circe alright. She made Sakura into a pig...Shirou gonna find out and it WONT go over well.
16h c52 Amatsumi
This chapter is heavy. Good job conveying Taiga and Cu.
18h c52 FakerFakerBlademaker
Tamamo-no-mae 6 when?
19h c52 EclipsedLunus
Yesssss, more material for the CuxTaiga ship
19h c52 Uday Sra
20h c52 14Lord of Fleas
Shirou: *shows up with another EMIYA's arm* help.
Taiga: I thought he'd be safe!
Cu: He's fine! When you think about it, that's still his arm!
You always deliver with these chapters, thank you.
Blessings, prayers, and good tidings be upon you!
21h c51 TrueVirtuoso
I really hope for part 2 and 3 for this. Its quite interesting.
22h c52 1rc48177
One of the stories I'm always sad is never referenced with Cu is that of his Son, for it his story that's shows what happens when walks the path of the Hero never truly understanding why.
22h c52 1cheekiserval
Oh my God, this one made me tear up... You never really see this side of Taiga in stories. But seeing the stressed out parental guardian that she's trying to be is pretty heartbreaking considering what's going on inside Shirou's head. Definitely needs more of this.
23h c52 Grimraven.V
This story line has to be my favorite
1/17 c52 Rambukala
Cu is a Bro.
1/17 c52 Eteru42
God, this is possibly the most impactful chapter I've ever read in a long time. The music choice really cracked open my cold heart to really let this hit home. The theme of family, specifically siblings, sits close to me. For my greatest years were my childhood when I had a sibling of my own. That bond, means a lot to me. So when I see it in stories I become more emotionally invested in it than I normally would. And god were my heartstrings pulled here to the point I even cried. I never realized I needed Taiga taken seriously until now. I was so used to her being a comedic character that I never saw what I was missing from the Fate fandom. And now, as I continue listing to Celeste, I'm still getting misty eyed because hell now I'm sad at how the fandom treats Taiga and what she represents is often pushed into obscurity. I can go on about how I liked this chapter but you get the point, I really loved this chapter. It means a lot to me.
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