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for The Saga of Shirou's Summons

8/23/2022 c63 FitOfCreation
Apopriate, goodbye Mr writter.
8/23/2022 c63 sUbSoNiCSoundwave
Yep. This chapter is rotting my teeth with how sweet it is. An excellent send-off for this collection. Well done.
8/13/2022 c63 2LSSJ2 Gohan
Thank you for this wonderful story.

Also, this finale feels fitting.

In the Original story, Shirou summoned Artoria. It's only fitting that the end of this story is with her. Artoria will always be Shirou's soul mate in my mind.

Great fic, and good luck with future endeavors.
8/11/2022 c63 5FireDragonX23
Sorry I haven’t gotten to this chapter. Real life been kicking my ass. But this is perfect ending for this fic. Nice work for you and everyone else that involve with this project.
8/7/2022 c63 2Segwayman
great chapter!
sorry if this is breaking any rules but I'd love to see Shirou summon proto-gilgamesh seeing as he is (presumably) even more skilled with his twin swords Enki than artoria is with Excalibur despite being an archer class servant.
8/5/2022 c63 2Noreen I-shi
Thanks for your hard work, hopefully may God bless you
7/24/2022 c15 Zero
7/24/2022 c4 Zero
Sometimes i forget she is supossed to be a terapist.
7/24/2022 c1 Zero
Im re reading this.
7/25/2022 c63 littlerecon28
Someone should absolutely do a full fic on the Chiron chapter holy fuck do I think that would be cool
7/25/2022 c63 2Call Brig On Over
You can only see sad endings so often before you become apathetic, you can only kick the protagonist down so many times before people stop caring about whether he can get up and instead start wandering why he even bothers getting up.
The funny thing is though that the old man was right but he failed to complete the thought; Life is sometimes bitter BUT it's also sometimes sweet and it's often times a mix of the two.

This story for the most part has been considerably more bitter than sweet, there's at least a handful of stories who's endings while Unwritten have all but been decided and none of them are Pleasant. Even many of the sweeter stories have had this better presence just beneath the surface where were set far too early to be certain of which direction they would end up going.

After all this it only makes sense to end with something sweet.
7/25/2022 c63 DYnoJackal19
hmmmmmmmm. . .
7/24/2022 c63 Battlesny
the true author of all of these is actually Nursery Rhyme trying to give every version of Shirou a happy ending.
7/24/2022 c63 Vinystark
Thank you very much for all your work!
7/24/2022 c63 GStel
Sad to see it go, but I'm happy we got this much. Thanks for the story
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