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for A Certain Supernatural World

1/17 c1 5had0wHand
well story sounds interesting 3 other mc I kinda had 3 of theme as friends working in Cafe your oc look interesting gonna look forward to it kinda make you question what exactly this cluster uk of story gonna do please don't abandon story
9/26/2020 c1 Guest
Please update soon
We’re technically in lockdown so you should be able to get back to these stories
7/5/2020 c1 IllusionBreaker
When are you planning to update? I really would like to see what would happen next.
6/27/2020 c1 Guest
Please update soon
9/30/2019 c1 O
For people believing that the author is combining 3 separate world's I don't think that's it. I believe he only brought the MC together nothing more. Also for people saying that Toaru and Fate universes will be hard to do I disagreed. Academy City goal is to create a Level 6 who can use both magic and esper ability which magecraft is that.
8/4/2019 c1 2V01dSw0rd
Actually, Toma is the only one to be labeled Level 0, which is due to his unique ability...
If someone isn’t an esper, they don’t have a level (I think)
7/26/2019 c1 Vercingetorix Rex
see the author come back! take out his fork and use it to skewer the author!

a multi crossover Fate/To Aru /Dxd? not sure it's a good idea? the three universes are already quite complex like this.
the angels/devils/fallen angels work beside humanity and don't hesitate to exploit it for their own purposes!

I don't know Fate but I don't think devils, angels and fallen angels exist or in a different version.

however, I am curious.

Touma who finds himself involved against his will in the Grail War, I have only one thing to say: SUCH MISFORTUNE! XD
7/24/2019 c1 shiroryuu012
your idea good bring 3 universe in one but sadly it not gonna work

in dxd angel, fallen, devil coed while in toaru not and fate even they doesn't get that far to realm angel, fallen and devil

secondly powerhouse you must know toaru is full of hax that will make other verse fight seem like childplay to them and their angel and demon really put up yo their name not like dxd (in toaru angel manifest in the world can destroy the earth not even to mention how crazy demon in toaru) and lets not talk about magic god they live in their own world

thirdly the OC gave me vibe he will pain the ass

thats that
7/24/2019 c1 superpierce
love this story idea real curious on if Issei being in this story means their will be elements of DXD. also curious if Shirou is a level six considering his reality marble is the ultimate end goal for espters.
7/24/2019 c1 6BlueJack22
Why's Touma's name look so awkward
7/24/2019 c1 Giuseppe
Is this a 3-way crossover? wow man, you really have to do your homework, FAte, To aru and Highschool aren't smal universes, you will need to merge three lores and that can bring problems: in Fate almost dont exist magic beings like angels or demons walking in the earth, but in DxD they literally work beside humanity. Yor fic can be a unusual masterpiece o break in the tourth or five chapter because of inconsistences . To aru and Fate magic are very similar, the problem is DxD

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