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1/6 c15 206432
One of the things I really liked about the story was that there were no constraints to him, romance is the biggest of them all. I just hope Suu is like Bara or whatever his name was, not a love-interest. I don't like reading action one second and having the protagonist gush over their wife and daughter.
1/6 c15 4Shadow S. Korosu
Hot damn, this was extremely different from what I was expecting. I never caught on to the hints that it was an actual real world game, or that Kll was an AI. I thought it was still similar to a normal gamer theme, where they were actually dead and some powerful beings were locking their souls into the infinite cycle of rebirth, keeping them away from their afterlife.

But I'm very happy to see that we still have more time with Kll, as we learn what's next for him now that the world outside has been fixed and he's lost his memories once more. I'm curious if he's still as strong as the end, though, with his Ikari and True Legendary forms. He certainly seemed to still be very strong when Suu woke him up.
1/5 c15 docfrodo2
still bloody amazing ending of the story after rereading it, I can understand the flow better
1/5 c2 docfrodo2
the set up for this playthrough is so different!
1/4 c15 docfrodo2
freaking awesome story. looking forward to kll in story 4
1/4 c6 GXVIII
Are you fuc king kidding me? How hard is it to pretend not to know anything? The answer is not hard at all unless you're a fuc king id. iot like Kll. All you had to do was shut the F up, it's not that complicated. But for some reason he has the impulse control of a goldfish.
1/1 c15 AFatDragon
YES! Oh man am I excited for this! Dude, this is the best epilogue anyone could have asked for, I'm SO HYPED for Remembrance. I get the impression that this will be rather different from the previous books, and I can't wait to see what awesome things you do!
I'll just ask one thing of you, and I really hope you take it to heart:

Do not push yourself too much.

Your work is amazing and I (along with many, many others) can't get enough of it and we wish you could write faster and churn out amazing chapters like a machine. But that's not even remotely possible and I know that. So PLEASE, take your time and write Remembrance at your own pace. I'd personally prefer to wait a few more months, even a year, to get a full story instead of having you burn out. So for the sake of your sanity and for the sake of the story, take it as easy as you need to. You've damn well earned it.
Hope you have a wonderful new year Klldarkness, and I'll be sure to leave more reviews on your next works.
Until next time!
-AFatDragon : )
12/31/2020 c15 Naruto420
This is a very good epilogue. Kii is back. Waiting for the next adventure of kii. And Happy New Year to you and your family members :)
12/31/2020 c15 GhostCXR
OH HELL YEAH! I was not expecting a sequel! You have no idea how unbelievably excited I am. Honestly I was prepared for Kll’s journey to end but this is a very much welcome surprise.
12/31/2020 c15 2Drunken Hamster
And yet you still manage to keep a sequel available.


Also, DANGIT! Nava got a great cameo.

Also also, Which prisoner was my character and what did they do? I'm curious :3

12/31/2020 c15 AceSpeedNinja
awwwwww shit, here we go again.

(been here since the start and never regretted.)
12/31/2020 c15 Koncor the great
Nice I was kinda hoping there would be a little bit more if anyone deserves the right to just enjoy the game to it's fullest its kll mean he gained nothing for sacrificing himself really in theory being a ai it would have been more profitable for him to ensure that they failed so he could play forever but that's what makes his sacrifice more worthy of respect to give up everything for such a noble cause is truly a wonderful thing. Though I have a feeling that kll's sacrifice had some unintended consequences (cough drago cough) (cough bakugan battle drawers cough) but either way I am interested in were this will go.
12/31/2020 c15 Navarone2013
Come on, I’ll give you romance!
Come on, I’ll give you paradise!
Be as free as you can be, a childlike love of fantasy,
The world is a mystery for you and me.
A miracle, an adventure too, a single wish waits for you,
The beating of your heart will see you through.
Hehehe, couldn't resist. Nice epilogue. Suu was perfect. I'm not biased at all, I swear.
12/31/2020 c15 Kalstorm99
12/31/2020 c15 Riz987
Nice end and happy new year.
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