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for Kingdom Hearts: My Keyblade Academia

5/6 c1 Guest
The only way for Melissa to become a key blade wielder is if Sora consciously says that he passes it on to her. Just like what terra did with riku.
5/6 c29 Guest
Great chapter and I really hope that you do my idea of giving Melissa a Keyblade.
5/6 c29 Guest
Melissa giggled. "You know, now that I know there are other worlds out there, I hope that one day, when the path is open, that I would see what's out there. See the worlds you've seen, the whole universe you both came from." She said to them. "Heh. Sometimes I even have thoughts that since you both gained magical powers then maybe there is hope for me, silly thoughts, I know. I also know that you would say it's a bad idea, but it's nice to have them now that I know Quirkless people like me can become much more." She added happily.

Ooh are you going to give Melissa a Keyblade too because that would be awesome?
5/5 c26 Guest
Fun Fact: Sora is an Aries and Momo is a Libra if you didn't know so they are actually soulmate's
5/5 c29 Guest
"You would say the same to all other pro Heroes that work at the staff with only one glance." Cloud replied to him crossing his arms. "Sometimes I believe that besides Shouta, I'm the most normal person there. And that's saying something." He added, spending time with his fellow teachers led him to think that more than once and he couldn't be blamed for it. "That includes you too, Toshi." He turned to look at the No.1 Hero, which made him flinch slightly. (At least he's not like Midnight. JK you know we love you girl even if you are kinda weird.)

Okay I give up what does JK mean because I looked up acronyms for it and none of them seemed to fit for this situation please tell me next chapter because I’m confused?
5/4 c29 Guest
This test is an even bigger cheat than the Kobayashi Maru test from Star Trek.
5/4 c1 Guest
Actually it’s proven and said that Sora and Kairi have little romantic feelings for each other. He just really wants to protect her because they have been friends for their entire lives.
5/4 c29 Tony Pizza
Really loving this story please keep on updating. I really get lost reading this story and that is amazing. Also nice to see momo get jealous of Sora was loving the comedy there. Really am a fan of the Sora x Momo ship. Will you have Sora find and obtain charms that he will then be able to switch into other drive/fighting forms since he’s only had kingdom key this entire time.
5/4 c29 PhantomKnight
I know you let melissa touch sora's keyblade and we all know what that does if she does become a wielders please let her keyblade be Divewing from KH3D that honestly is the perfect one for melissa.
5/5 c28 7kyrogue23
I wonder how Shigaraki would of acted if Sora or Riku came out of nowhere and sat by him with his life on the line. While Luxu is helping groom him to be more dark and evil, I wonder if he wanting Sora and Riku to help out Izuku more.
5/3 c27 Guest
5/3 c1 Guest
Personally I hope you move into season 3 right away and maybe do I-Island later on. The reason is because I want to see more luxu and league of villain scenes. Whatever you decide to write I know it will be amazing.
5/5 c29 MBS41
Ayeee Two Heros IS HERE.
5/4 c29 87Big Diesel
If this could become an animated series. I am amazed by the description and thoroughness that you pull. It is astounded and praised. Honestly, it can be said that it is beyond my skills and talents. You seriously have a gift for this and I implore you to explore the options of creating an original story or create a screenplay. You fully have my support. Strive and prosper!
5/4 c29 1keybladelight
Finally two heroes part one his out can wait to see part two also I wonder which tuxedo suit you gonna make sora and riku to wear and how momo and jirou will react to it but I hope that sora has kairi's wayfinder every time he wear his clothes or UA uniform or any clothes wardrobe he wear that he never forget his true love kairi I mean these two has share the paopu fruit.

Can wait to see what you gonna do for I island and what does luxu gonna do here.

Also have you seeing the kh union cross final episode 1 part 1 the end of the kh union cross his coming to a end I wonder how you gonna make luxu now that we know more information on him in the Mobile game.

Hope you respond.
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