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9/11 c16 katymason
9/8 c17 katymason
Such a great story. Please update soon.
9/5 c17 Guest
8/31 c17 Guest
thirsty for the next update... side note I feel like luke is changing the time on ravis phone :(
8/4 c16 152Linneagb
Poor Ravi. I'm caught up in the story now. Please update soon.
8/4 c15 Linneagb
Shelby's just so precious. I wonder what's Ravi gonna do. He can't stay like this forever. Only one chapter left to get caught up in.
8/4 c14 Linneagb
Aw. Shelby just means so well. Poor Ravi. Everything's so hard on him. Sorry I stopped reading. I will get caught up and review now and I wonder what'll happen next.
8/3 c16 Scarlett
I really want them to go to ravi's house but i really want to actually meet shelby's family because everything we know about them has come from just her and it would be nice to actually finally meet the characters since they are obviously a big part of shelby's life. I really like your story so far by the way, it's kinda great! :)
8/3 c1 Scarlett
As much as I would want them to go to the penthouse just cause that would be an interesting read and i really want shelby to meet his family, I think they should go to shelby's because I know she's talked about her family it it would be nice to actually finally meet them. Also it would be nice for ravi to be around a more positive environment even if he might not like it at first.
8/3 c16 2AppalledWriter
Intenseful. I'd say Ravi should go over to Shelby's house( it's a whole different dynamic from his)
7/13 c15 Guest
This is a good edge here. Hope you update soon
6/3 c13 Guest
Zuri is a complete demon, she started all this drama last chapter so someone plz let anyone(not Ravi) whoop her ass hard!
6/3 c13 152Linneagb
Oh man. Poor Ravi. It's like the whole world is against him. Please update soon, I can't wait to see what happens next
5/24 c12 Linneagb
Poor Ravi. It's just like he's always the good kid so then when he starts acting in another way everyone are against him. I hope there's some way for him to get out of this.
4/8 c11 Guest
plz update soon
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