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for A Spider's Frozen Christmas Adventure

2/6/2020 c6 7ABOOK5117
Great chapter! Great story! :D Keep it up!
2/2/2020 c6 jeonbh94
Do you want a continue Spider's Frozen Adventure series, Spiderfan626? It means You have plan write Spider's Frozen Adventure 2.
Anyway, Your Fanfiction Spider's Frozen Adventure series is really exquisite!
1/18/2020 c6 Guest
Are you gonna do another one with Frozen II
12/24/2019 c6 8CRUDEN
Merry Christmas
12/24/2019 c6 Dexter
Excellent job on the ending. But if you do the sequel, could you please not end it the same way Frozen 2 ended? I heard how it ended and I did not like it. It was just another Toy Story 4. P.S. I also hope the the PS4 Spider Man suit comes in.
12/24/2019 c6 Prime's apprentice
Just in time for the holidays, NICE! I Couldn't stop laughing at Spidey Bells and I absolutely LOVE that PeterxElsa duet (Didn't know if i just put the original or live-action, both are good by the way.)
*see Stan Lee at the end: don't cry,don't cry,don't cry,pleasedon't cry...CRIES AN OCEAN! T_T EXCELSIOR!*

-My favorites parts are:
•Peter and Elsa's dance
•Fixer Upper ft. Spidey
•Watching the Spider-verse
•Spidey singing
•Spidey's act of true love
•The return of Venom
•The Frozen gang venturing New York
•Spider-Knight on duty
•The Backpack search for traditions.
•Anna beatting Kraven to a pulp.
•Stan Lee's cameos [RIP]
This duet between Pete and Elsa

I will PM you sometime later.

-As for your question: yes, i get notifications in every story i follow though not on the ones in favorites. On some occasions i don't get one, some are just chapters been fixed from either grammar errors or a re-write, but it happens some time.
12/24/2019 c6 5Monkey D. Conan
This was a nice short story. It was all warm and fuzzy. I also really liked the dynamic the group has with Spidey. Elsa and Peter really understand each other and Anna and Peter are just fun together. It’s easy (or rather I should say easier) to do a crossover when they’re first meeting, but it’s harder to make it believable when it comes to family moments (especially when it’s with superheroes) and I really felt you made them a family and not just the Frozen gang with Peter tacked on. They blend together really well and I hope you expand on that point more in the sequel. Speaking of which, I can’t wait for the sequel! What’s the possibility of an Ice Spider wedding? And will there be an ancestor connection for the Osborns or Peter’s family that ties in with Elsa and Anna’s grandfather? Anyway, excellent work as always! Can’t wait for more!
12/24/2019 c6 dinogeoff022
Such a great ending. Merry Christmas, Spiderfan626.
12/24/2019 c6 3Sunhawk001
Love it and can't wait to see what you'll do with the Sequel.
12/24/2019 c6 12Tiger2014
The story was great. I'm glad Peter and Elsa enjoyed themselves, and they sang at the end. And thank you for including Stan Lee in the end. And merry Christmas to you too.
12/24/2019 c6 Night lock117
Great story! Can’t wait for the sequel
12/24/2019 c6 8SORARULES23
Okay...trying not to tear up at that Stan Lee Cameo...I'm not crying! Your crying!

Also I'm glad i could help with this final chapter. This was amazing to read. Spectacular even .

Also that part where Peter said be 'glad their not hearing this in Japanese'. That was a reverence to the Japanese Spider-Man show. What a weird series it was.

Also it's awesome to hear the Frozen family react to the Spidey's Christmas album.

Also if your wondering why Peter said to Elsa 'keep talking and see what happens.'

I was thinking of adding a scene where Elsa teases Peter like any Girlfriend would, only to earn a Spider tickle.

I mean who doesn't tickle their girlfriends right? Maverick put your hand down.

"Aw man." Maverick muttered.

Anyway. This was awesome. Great job and Happy Holidays!
12/24/2019 c6 papajm43
great chapter now justice
12/24/2019 c6 2KingdomWarrior125
And Merry Christmas to you too and to everyone.
12/24/2019 c6 slpytlak
How cute. Have a Merry Christmas. Hope to see other updated stories someday
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