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for Assassin's Of Betrayal

6/15 c4 chimera629
Does Percy have any water abilities?
Don't get why turns didn't ask Percy go keep her daughter
6/14 c3 chimera629
So they can vote to take people's domain and banish then yet they won't do anything to zesu.
What are his children domains?
How long has it been since his banishment?
Who besides the Egyptian pantheon is he involved with?
Why go to the romans?
6/2 c3 Guest
Ok First of you stole all the names of the ac series but I don’t mind that ...
For your first fight scene you could also tell a bit about the other fighter...
5/27 c4 maxe03
Where did Thalia get the idea that it would be okay for her to shock him from.
Why it still played out the same and that luck blames Percy
2/9 c2 37Ronnie R15
This is very hard to understand.
2/9 c3 Ronnie R15
Don't make Artemis a bitch.
2/9 c5 Ronnie R15
Hermione X Percy
1/16 c3 Djberneman
Please don’t make all chapters be written centered. Just make it flush to the left like normal
1/15 c5 6Mr.Salvos
Do Hermione, trust me even though I'm shit at writing, Luna is hard to write. Rest I'm not sure because I only watched the movies so I don't know much about those characters.
8/18/2019 c4 Mr.Salvos
Great chapter you should upload more often
8/18/2019 c4 55Thunderwolf7226
This chapter was awesome!
8/18/2019 c3 Most Bodacious
I'm intrigued with this but its difficult to read with the center alignment formatting. You should either "ALIGN RIGHT" or "JUSTIFY ALIGNMENT".
8/2/2019 c3 Perseus Apollyon
So Hazel is a goddess and Percy is a father? Wow. This is definelty going to be interesting.
8/1/2019 c3 6Mr.Salvos
1. yes, it's like a kink. I like arrogant people getting shown up
2 only Diangelo, not Thalia I'm not sure what you should do about her
3. don't care it's a Good Idea and you can have it does a bloodline thing the only problem is the mom unless you want it to be a brainchild
4 don't care
8/1/2019 c3 55Thunderwolf7226
I would like to see BiancaNico as Percys and Hazel's children. Is this a Ac/Pjo crossover?
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