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2/15 c4 2ProjectIceman
Mei sending noods...I think I've seen just about everything now XD

Then again, you've proven me wrong before LOL
2/15 c3 3Totem-Mimikyu
That confession took even me off guard
2/13 c1 Random65
2/12 c1 4Farmer Kyle
Amusing! I look forward to the shenanigans that will ensue!
2/11 c6 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Seems like they have great chemistry.
2/10 c3 2ProjectIceman
Hesitating is a waste of time for Mei LOL
2/10 c6 12Cleric of Nayru
I'm really glad that you decided to continue this story.
2/8 c6 Anon
Woo! Back from the wip stack with sexy avengeance!
2/8 c6 11Dseized
Hey! Yojimbra's still alive and kicking!
2/8 c6 Siriusly Grim
Not dead confirmed better than dead.
2/8 c6 LoamyCoffee
Mmm, tasty~
2/8 c6 yomunot
What a way for this fic to come back, hot damn
2/8 c6 3Necrogod
Uh oh, this is alive? Lol

Good snu snu...

Thanks for the chapter!
2/8 c6 19EmperorNefarious1
Oh, I'd forgotten about this one, it was fun to read again.
2/8 c6 AnimeA55Kicker
Izuku was having some serious monkey brain thoughts right there.
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