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for Death's Champion

10/9/2019 c2 Bronze
No, not too dark. I can easily understand Harry's anger at those three Weasley's but as you wrote it's much too early for Harry to act. I feel sure that he'll deal with both Dark Lords before the end of this story. But unfortunately, right now if he deals with Fumblemort how he wants and as he should, he'll be labeled as a Dark Lord himself and fail what he came back to do. Simple as that. As it is, the Ministry of/for Morons and Incompetents would enjoy that. I'm hopeful that Harry'll also deal with the Dursley's as they deserve. Especially through the muggle authorities as the Dursley's consider themselves perfectly normal. Vernon and Petunia will just love it in prison when the inmates learn what they did to their nephew ever since he was placed in their care. It won't matter that they never wanted him. All that will would be how they'd abused him. I wonder how the magical world will react to the news that Fumblemort deliberately placed Harry Potter with his abusive muggle relatives. And then lied to him about needing returning there at the end of every school year for his own protection.
10/9/2019 c1 Bronze
Man oh man, this is really gonna screw with ol' Fumblemort's plans! Ya know, I can really see Ginny, MoooRon, and Molly doing that to Harry with the help of Fumblemort. I've never really been able to understand Molly's obsession with all her family working in/for the Ministry of/for Morons and Incompetents. She must know how corrupt the place is! Had Fumblemort gotten off his bony old ass and destroyed the Horcruxes early, he'd've had extra time to clean the place up. Unfortunately, I do know he loved it the way it was. I do think if Harry was smart about things he'd do a lot of silent killing of the Death Eaters. Especially those at the World Cup. So what if he leaves a major body count behind! There'll be that many left to aid Riddle after his return. Imagine Tommy-boy's anger when he summons them in the graveyard and only one or two show up because the rest are pushing up daisies? Man the torture curses would be flying after that! He might even make those that did answer his summons into brainless coma victims if Harry's luck actually worked for him this time.
10/2/2019 c9 Austin L Jones
Fate just opened up a can of whoopass on herself, didn't she? ;)
10/4/2019 c9 phoenix-rob
Amazing story
10/2/2019 c9 demonboy121986
This story was, ket word was, going great till fate showed up and had to do her stupid shit and pretty much gave death no reason to do anything by taking away the only things besides her new champion that she finda any joy in her ver long an lonely life. At this time I may continue to read this story only in the hopes that in the comming chapters Harry finds out, gets more power then god and kills fate for being such a bitch of a mother who should burn.
9/27/2019 c1 Dracaris5470
oh god any sane person would have taken the other door just out of spite
9/27/2019 c9 3JRSDH1
This is absolutely amazing. And Bea's mum sucks. You did an amazing job writing this! I
9/26/2019 c9 Samuel
One of the best stories i have read so far about Harry Potter being deaths champion keep up the good work
9/19/2019 c2 Sasha Starr
I like it so far. The snakes are a little much but you did say that this would be an over powered Harry. Sasha Starr
9/18/2019 c8 Linda
Love the story hope to see a update soon.
9/18/2019 c9 Guest
Great story. And this chapter cofirms pairing, at least I hope so. Anyway I just found this story before heading to bed so I started reading it being comfy under some blankets(without popcorn-shame) so ill be quick about my rewiev(typing on a phone and all that) I really like this story. I enjoy unusual pairings(and if I'm right there will be one quite unusual here) and strongly dislike H/G(maybe because movies Ginny was repulsive, dunmo) and H/Hr is so overused boring. Next I like that Harry is .i hope the final battle won't be similar to thanos snap. I can't wait to see some problems that Harry will be facing because what is a journey without a struggles(most stories gets really boring after a while when Harry just waltz throu everything like its nothing. Most but not all)
Anyway won't type more. I'm on a phone. Typing on it is not my fortee and am quite tired as its currently past 2...

Tldr; good job, do more, fate is cool hope to see her more
9/20/2019 c9 Kail990
Fate is a bitch.
9/19/2019 c9 1setokayba2n
Not a bad story so far, also as you like to suggest stories, if you get bored I will suggest you a couple...

Harry's Little Army of Psychos By: RuneWitchSakura

The Little Veela that Could By: Darth Drafter

If you don't like them, or don't want suggestion just tell.
9/19/2019 c9 1firetemplar415
Well this took a weird turn! Love it.
9/19/2019 c9 mizzrazz72
Fate really is a b#tch. She doesn't treat her other kids like that.
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