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for Death's Champion

11/6/2021 c11 monay9e
Please continue this story. I truly enjoy this story concept!
10/29/2021 c1 dhamann7878
Please please come back to this! I really really need to know what Harry is going to do Dumbledore
10/24/2021 c11 6jada951
Wow! I have really been enjoying this story, only to realize it's not complete.

I sure hope you get back to it as soon as you can.

I have to say, it's riveting!
10/24/2021 c6 jada951
whoa! Harry nailed Snape in this one, but good!
10/23/2021 c3 jada951
interesting story so far.
I like when harry gets a do over and can change so many things.

BLasted weasels!
10/9/2021 c2 Bluenait
OK and fuck this fic now stop with revange? boooo what a steaming pile of shit
9/22/2021 c11 John Ciaccio
Damn my popcorn went stale . I forgot to eat it.. great story.
9/4/2021 c1 HammerSteel
Sorry, but I have to say something. Once again harry is being manipulated to return to his own personal hell. His parents have no right to be even slightly disappointed in him after the life he led. As he said in this chapter, he spent his whole life trying to save others only to be betrayed in the end. If anything, they should be sorry that they aren't the ones getting sent back to fix the situation. As Harry said, why does it have to be him. Sorry for the rant, just the fact that Lily actually said she was extremely disappointed in him for not wanting to go relive the hell that was his life is absurd. Any real and loving parent would be horrified at the idea of their child going through that kind of life again, let alone actually try and guilt-trip him into doing what they want. I enjoy stories where Harry goes back in time, but his parents and Death essentially manipulating him leaves a real bad taste in my mouth. I'm not trying to put you down author, I'm sure your an excellent writer; I just had to get out what I was thinking, you know? His parents being disappointed in him after how hard he tried and all the suffering he went through is deeply disturbing to me as a person, so I couldn't stay silent.
8/21/2021 c1 darthkratos24
Not read this chapter yet but from the reviews I don't think I'll be sticking around who knows. Anyway I just wanted to ask... What the fucks the point in making harry op if Tom's just going to match him? Makes no bloody sense what so ever you know you make Tom op then as well? Why not just match him with Tom's already established power? Plus harry should technically always be more powerful than Tom because he has a full soul I'm pretty sure it's established that harry is equal to Tom when he was at full capacity... Not broken and shattered soul Tom but full and powerful Tom, so I still see no reason to match the fool to Harry's new opness just make harry match Tom that way the "great" fight at the end you want makes more sense. Tom's still incredibly powerful seen how he commands so many people so harry would still be stronger then most but it'd be more logical and less mind numbing then Tom suddenly being able to keep up with Harry when Harry was just seen being a freaking god
8/19/2021 c11 Patrice
Very interesting story, great characters. I can’t wait to read more!
8/18/2021 c11 b.con.luv
I hope Harry and Death get there happily ever after together, but what fate did was just cruel.
8/12/2021 c9 pointer31091
Bet's have consequences.

What's Fates?
7/30/2021 c10 Lantzz
well that was probably the best Bellatrix I have ever read.
7/1/2021 c9 Guest
"You forced me" how toxic and emotionally abusive of her "mom" we all new fate was a butch but dam *rolls eyes* I all ready dont like her mom and since this story is incomplete any Imma just see my way out
7/1/2021 c1 Guest
I dont think it was fair for them to guilt him into going put oh well
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