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for Death's Champion

6/30/2021 c9 Guest
You ruined this story. Fuck you for being an evil asshole. Hope fates punishment falls on you for being such an evil twisted fuck. Death the daughter of fate? Sorry, my firm belief is death is older, stronger, and way out of fates league. Fate is a simple evil bitch who has nothing but cruelty to sentient life forms. Death could just end fate. Nothing is immune from death in the end. And death is immutable. So this entire chapter was one big block of stupidity and bullshit. Go fuck yourself with fire.
6/30/2021 c1 Guest
They have him no reasons to go back. Just because your a Potter? Fuck you stupid red headed bitch. There is zero chance in the many layers of hell that Harry’s mother would want him to go back and suffer more. This writer is a fucking moron trying to make his readers swallow impossible garbage. Only if Lily was a heartless bitch who didn’t love her son at all would suggest he go back. Especially with such stupid fucking reasons and not enough “perks”. Harry saved the fucking world. A few measly perks like that is a shorty reward. Harry’s parents now deserve to go to hell.
5/25/2021 c11 Lilykees
Love this story. I hope Harry and Beatrice end up together, I mean she is mortal as long as Harry lives so they'd make the perfect couple. Can't wait for the next chapter
5/24/2021 c11 SurplusHook
Please continue it’s a really good read
4/15/2021 c11 1lilashannah
Hello? where did you go ? you have to come back! like right freaking now.. This is honestly the best redo story ever.. we need you to come back asap!
4/14/2021 c4 MeMeMooMoo
Learn to spell, moron. It's YOU'RE, as in: YOU'RE a retard
4/14/2021 c2 MeMeMooMoo
"Take this offer you don't want or I'm giving you clothes and ruining you again"

You people are brain dead.
4/6/2021 c1 MeMeMooMoo
This is awful.
4/5/2021 c11 TyrVidarrus
This is a great story so far! Well written, great flow, excellent mix of serious and humor! I am excited to see where this muse takes us all!

3/27/2021 c11 sakurhita
I love it, I wait for the next chapter
3/27/2021 c9 2wsbenge
Death becomes mortal. Cute! :)
3/27/2021 c6 wsbenge
Probably should have removed the dark mark while he was passed out. :)
3/7/2021 c11 Dudley D Dudley
Interesting story, pity it was never finished.
2/22/2021 c11 Matrixskater
very interesting story to read, original look at harry's situation and elegant solution. looking forward to hopefully see it complete .
2/18/2021 c11 1blue-enchantress
I love this book! Will you update it again? Or is it on hiatus?
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