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for Daughter of Slytherin

1/10 c31 scarlettangel11
Oh, bollocks. ROFL! I was cackling! Cackling!
1/10 c30 scarlettangel11
Love the self awareness!
1/10 c29 scarlettangel11
Both of Rowena Ravenclaw's daughters stared at her with open curiosity, rather evidently expecting to be marveled by her clever brilliance.

Well, as if that wasn't a mildly intimidating thought.

1/10 c28 scarlettangel11
jejjeje draco and Thorfinn are funny
1/10 c27 scarlettangel11
Oooh didn’t anticipate Dolohov /Slytherin or the killing of Gryffindor. Crafty, clever you
1/10 c26 scarlettangel11
His nickname for. Her is precious and the fact that he constantly struggles between being proud and concerned/annoyed is amusing
1/10 c25 scarlettangel11
“But sometimes a mad answer is the only answer that makes sense.”

I heed your fore note about reviewing. I love the sentiment Lucius felt after Minnies discovery of the chamber and snakes
1/9 c31 8riversgirl75
I finally had a chance to read your most recent update and I love it! I love that they want to have a baby together! Yay love!
Also, the scene at the end with Rowena getting stuck is hilarious. Though if she can “possess” the daughter, and her father can use the father’s body, then Sabina gets her father and sister back (in a gross way)!
Thanks for updating this - it’s amazing and unique and I always jump for joy when you post!
1/5 c31 32Pharies
Hopefully you get to update soon. I want to know how everything comes together! Ive loved every twist and turn so far. Good job!

1/1 c6 4Baudelaire'sOpheliac
Thank you for this <3
12/21/2020 c31 nap2606
Oh dear! Can’t wait to se where this goes. Thank you for writing and sharing.
12/21/2020 c21 nap2606
Thank you for writing and sharing. I had started reading this story earlier on but am just now getting back to it. It’s so hard to put down.
12/21/2020 c31 gumselund
12/9/2020 c31 Black Banshee
OMFG ! If this means Helena could somehow gain back a body, that's just brilliant !
12/8/2020 c31 2MissPugLover
Just binged your story and it's so good!
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