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3/29 c6 Leleia
Good chapter!
9/14/2020 c6 12Kazumi Tachikawa
wow this is awesome work! cant wait for your next update! this story is like a super rare find, good escaflowne fics with quality writing styles and well thought out plots are very hard to find.

keep up the good work! :)
7/15/2020 c6 Leleia
Yay! It's like my birthday. You posted another chapter. Thank you so much! I enjoyed the chapter
6/6/2020 c6 lalalalalllaaalla
More please, please. :op
3/25/2020 c1 Lisssss
3rd time to read the story at least... loooooooove it. I am checking weekly for updates.. can't wait for more..
3/25/2020 c6 40Luin-fanel
How I love this fic! I really enjoy all the adventure in here, Hitomi with Van's shirt and all that situation makes me laugh, Van is a real gentleman. Think it could be really fun a discussion in the river (and something so like the anime series) I prefer this result, this Hitomi grew up differently than the other one, in a place where women don't have as much freedom as in Japan at 90's, and she is a seer, in the series is not a big deal, her friends looks like all the stuff about read the future is just a childish game, but at the first chapter you put really clear how bad and dangerous it could be that kind of skills in Gaea at the time, so, Hitomi avoiding a childish discussion with Van in this story fit her better.
And now we have Dilandau in front! I really want to read the next chapter! anyway, take your time, the wait for this worth it a lot.
Almost forget, THANKS FOR THAT HUG! it was cute and beautiful in the series, but here... I love it a lot, thanks.
Read you soon, take care and hope you and your family stay health and with enough supplies.

3/24/2020 c6 Vhosek
The moments between them in this chapter were just so good and I loved seeing them sort of off balance but enjoying their time together! Now just have to see how the capture of Van plays out in the next chapter!
2/22/2020 c3 Guest
Dun, dun, dun, Allen knows now. Am loving all the Van and Hitomi scenes. You write them so well!
2/22/2020 c2 Guest
Best AU ever. I love how Van immediately recognized Hitomi.
2/22/2020 c1 Guest
Omg this is such an awesome start. Am hooked xD
11/21/2019 c5 9Miniclio
New chapter ! I needed that in all honesty.

This is good ! they are so comfortable with each other, and it's both nice and a bit sad with the way Hitomi is lucid about what she could have, and her perspective for her own future had she stayed in Asturia, or obeyed to Allen. Van is also really adorable, with trying shyly to tell her he would marry her for her and not out of a promise, or because she is a seer or anything, but because he is genuine in his feeling for her. They just need to spend some more time together to both get the others feeling and establish their relationship.

Thanks Dryden merchant empire, it saved the day, with a tiny lie. And it wasn't a complete lie, after all Arsas can be their next stop once they got Escaflowne back.

In Van defense, how can you tell if a dragon have a mate ? It's doubtful they spend all their time together, and during the hunt you only need to find, and survive, one dragon, once you're done you don't stay long to see if you can kill or be killed by another one.

Now the question is ; how are they going to escape ? They have a sword and two arrows, but they don't have much space to move and a fire breathing giant lizard ready to spite fire.

I'm eager to see what's next for them.
11/19/2019 c5 Vhosek
I loved the moments between Van and Hitomi in this chapter! It's good to see them getting closer and becoming more comfortable around each other. I can't wait to see what happens next with the dragon!
11/19/2019 c5 thepinkmartini
Oh gosh I love the interaction between Van and Hitomi!
11/17/2019 c5 40Luin-fanel
OMD! First love is in the air, then a dragon is behind Van, are you trying to kill me?
My godness, the wait was all worth it, I mean it! By the way, I miss this story so much, thanks, I'm really sure I'll be having really nice dreams tonight.
About the A/N, I think Van is really comfortable about Hitomi being a seer 'cause he es a draconian, so, neither of them are normal people, the two of them are freaks, who could understand how alone was he? Hitomi could, that's why, I think, and then she saying that joke about flying, she didn't remember he was a draconian at the moment, but he doesn't know that, so, that could be a good signal for him, she is not going to judge him 'cause of his blood the same he is not jundging her for her hability, that remember me, are we going to see shirtless Van flying with that amazing and beautiful white wings? are we having a kiss between this two? ok, is all, I'm not projecting me more from here, it could be creepy xP
Have a nice week Banryuu, thanks again, it was a nice chapter, so much interaction between this two, and the two of them as idiots as in the show xD, hahahahahahaha, I mean, how much time they took to understand the love they felt for the other? well at least Van has the courage to ask her marry, and not that awfull line "I need you... your power" hahahahahahahaha, so, no slaps xD
11/2/2019 c4 2Maybe89
Great chapter again! I'm really into your story and impatiently waiting for more ;)
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