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for Gihren's Greed: Cosmic Crusade

8/5/2019 c1 Guest
great story but please dont leave it at cliffhanger like this the wait is killing me
8/1/2019 c1 Imperial warlord
Interesting story.
7/29/2019 c1 Guest
More please sieg zeon
7/29/2019 c1 5a guy1013
hope you update soon and why a teaser like chapter to introduce us to this cause cliffhanger annoying,but love your si Gundam thing
7/28/2019 c1 7Muse of Schleissheim
I have always wanted a story like this. I've even thought about trying to write one up myself at one point or another. Seeing you take a crack at it has me excited!

Blue Cosmos and Zala's radicals won't know what hit them. I can even see Zeon becoming a sort of lesser of three evils between them, ZAFT and the Alliance, seeing as their ideology isn't so rigidly based in racial identity. But I definitely don't see any clear cut good guys coming out of this story, aside from the Archangel crew.

Keep up the good work, and Sieg Zeon!
7/26/2019 c1 1Nightroad816
Cant wait for Zeon's debut in Cosmic Era...SIEG ZEON!
7/26/2019 c1 1Billyking11
Is Gihren going to be a SI or cannon him?
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