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for Gihren's Greed: Cosmic Crusade

3/8/2021 c27 cello
Gundam ryuu basic Gundam freedom and Gundam try build burning
3/2/2021 c1 28SSJ-Jolt
This needs proofreading before being worth reading. A lot of effort was obviously put in, but effort was not put where it was needed most; making the sentences readable.
2/27/2021 c27 nliochristou
i can't wait to see the Cosmic Era's to the existence of Newtypes, especialy when it comes to the Natural and Coordinators supremasy believers.
2/24/2021 c27 1Merch22
I know we're about at the end of the reactions, but I would really like to follow who in CE was in charge of designing the CE Zakus and stuff, like their reaction to Zakus showing up, and their feelings of intellectual violation or vindication.
2/24/2021 c23 Merch22
I hope we see Joseph's medic girlfriend, I'll call her Mary, in the future, just so there's some reason we went with Joseph till he went splat. Or even follow the GINN Pilot who smushed him, be it more ruthlessness or privare remorse. I know it's to show the horrors of war, but it comes across as filler if nothing from it is going to come up again.
2/23/2021 c25 Merch22
I know we Texans like to portray our state as the indomitable breadbasket, but ZAFT really just needs to wait that grid out till winter, hahahahaha!
2/23/2021 c24 Merch22
I hope we see more of Arturo, with command over artillery and knowledge of architecture he seems just survivable enough to be Alliance Ciaphas Cain with a dash of Thrawn.
2/19/2021 c27 Pridefallen
Is Bangladesh part of EU?They are never mentioned in your story.
2/18/2021 c26 Guest
If only you were allowed to have written SEED and Destiny
2/18/2021 c25 Guest
What I love most about this story the more I read it, is how *human* every character is depicted.

Like, LOGOS is headed by a bunch of Plutocrats yet you make me feel and sympathize with all of them, something mainstream writers have a tough time attempting.
2/18/2021 c24 Guest
I'm growing to actually like the EAC's characterization here

Same with the Eurasians and Africans
2/20/2021 c27 14Aldon Blackreyne
Two POVs I'd like to see are Patrick Zala's and Wei Gang's (The East Asian Admiral that spearheaded the folly at Pezun). Their world's just turned upside down.
2/20/2021 c20 Aldon Blackreyne
Mendel has many potential uses in the future. Operation British perhaps or maybe a Solar Array.
2/18/2021 c23 Guest
I'm loving the background we're getting through this story.
2/17/2021 c15 Guest
Gonna be honest, not really feeling it having the UC Feddies in the story
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