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for Sasha and the Frogs

8/7 c30 Momijifan Low-Ki
Can't believe I'm late to read this new chapter. This was a nice little filter chapter in my book.
8/2 c30 1Ultimatrix bearer
Let’s be honest we’ve all been hop pop at some point.

7/30 c30 53snake screamer
Good to know! thank you for assuring us!
7/30 c30 11OMAC001
Love Sasha's plan for dealing with the Hasselbacks! Also good character building for them too.
7/30 c30 soberan 123
What happened to the Fort in the Roads events?
7/30 c30 24Angelwings2002
Another fun chapter! This was just really fun. It had similar themes to the original episode and had some unique parts that fit in with Sasha there. Looking forward to seeing what happens next for them!
7/30 c30 Killerbull55858
Love the referencing you put in and having the get taken out assassins creed style was epic,keep up the good work.
7/30 c30 4RJWritingInk
Yeah, that is a crime. Also, glad you're back to writing this stuff.
7/28 c26 Julie Wells Thomas
It’s easy to just say sasha was the bad one and yess she was the most flawed and the one must subseptible to grim and the tods influence but ya really any of them how where sent there would have ended up that way weeks of imprisonment and then being trust into a position of power is just breeding stock home if any thing maby it’s better sasha was sent there hear being stubborn enough not to brake down and enough like grim to connect with him genianly instead of him snaking her way into her head like he did with an
7/28 c25 Julie Wells Thomas
O Ann what have they done to you
7/28 c24 Julie Wells Thomas
That opening mad me cry it also makes cents hop pop won instead of Sasha she’s lured a lot sents coming here but she still mad some big mistakes so then awarding him for setting her right fits
7/28 c23 Julie Wells Thomas
she’s come so fare
7/28 c22 Julie Wells Thomas
That made me fill
7/27 c21 Julie Wells Thomas
Found family
7/27 c20 Julie Wells Thomas
I now he ass here he’s isolated her from everyone else mad her think he can’t get buy with out him. That he’s the only one on her side all after having her in isolation for weeks class brain washing
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