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for Sasha and the Frogs

12/6 c38 Guest
I wonder what the next chapter will be like between Sausage and Marbles.
12/3 c38 11OMAC001
Wow, Sasha does not take being grounded well. Nice to have a flashback to Wartwood to see how chaotic it gets without the Plantars.
12/3 c37 Patrick the observer
next chapter we have marcy! so excited. any way nice chapter. always appreciate a good "day in the lime light" episode now and then.

tho its been a while, might need to start my rereading of this story.
12/3 c38 24Angelwings2002
Wow! This was a really great chapter and definitely worth the wait. Also the ending must rme laugh out loud. I wish there was an episode like this in the show. I would have loved that! Seriously, this was a really great chapter! Can’t wait for next time!
12/3 c38 Killerbull55858
Finally u have no idea how many times i played how sasha and marcy going to played out and i love how you still going

Keep up the great work.
9/20 c1 4Forsoothandconquest
“Everybody clapped their little froggy hands”

I love this fic
9/9 c36 21White Fire the Dragon
I... didn't expect that revelation.
9/6 c34 White Fire the Dragon
I would have thought she'd say, "Bessie, things are gettin' messy!"
9/4 c33 White Fire the Dragon
Man! I saw that tail-rip coming from just before Anne "puny-godded" Yunan, but I didn't see that reaction coming. I guess it makes sense, but I guess when I saw that store that sold fake tails in canon, I just subconsciously assumed that it wouldn't be that big a deal here, but it was. It *was* a big deal; for both Yunan *and* Anne.
8/26 c3 6Sky Land Sea
I appreciate how these chapters aren't just shot-for-shot copies of the show with Sasha in Anne's place. Good work.
8/21 c37 12AstroZ
Bru the Scorpelio's gone just like that? That sucks. On another note, I really liked how this Wally's confrontation went since I thought the canon solution was a bit too simple, and what was his dad gonna do, drink for the rest of his days? Sure hope that wasn't the case.
8/21 c37 11OMAC001
Well that was a interesting twist in the episode. Nice job incorporating Sasha's crumby family into her decision making. And the way Sprig help turn her around was so believable!
8/21 c37 24Angelwings2002
This was a really great chapter. I loved how the chapter took a different turns from the actual episode. It’s just fit so well. Seriously, this was great work!
8/21 c37 Deviant Raccoon
That F bomb took me by surprise. Lol. Very good chapter, I’m glad you’re continuing the story!
6/28 c36 Momijifan Low-Ki
Wow what one crazy fight Sasha had with that Scorpelio, talk about fighting at a disadvantage, but she won and saved her family.
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