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8/1 c6 VVenga
Personally love the negotiation chapters so far. Gives a bit of character insight that you can really feel by their reactions to certain demands and the way they interact with different people. (Sally and anyone sane for example)
7/10 c12 Guest
Yes, finally a long awaited update! I am really intrigued by Arthas philosophy and where it will lead him and the undead.
6/27 c12 Guest
great chapter
6/27 c12 Guest
If only WoW had this kind of self reflection, I suspect the canon plot would have gone down very differently.
6/27 c12 artilyon-rand
Hey Muradim /awesome man you are back
6/27 c12 ArgentTempest
It lives! Huzzah!

As usual, Arthas brings up many good criticisms about how Warcraft's story went down in canon and I love it. It's also interesting to see that Muradin recovered from his amnesia earlier in this timeline, did Jaina find and help him with his recovery?
6/27 c12 strelle
The philosophical introspections scattered throughout the series is one of the story's greatest strengths, and is always enjoyable to read.

Nice to see Muradin is alive, and that he also open to talking.

Btw, I think one of your sentences was cut off - specifically the part where Arthas is thinking about his moral ground to pass judgment.
6/27 c12 Neo-byzantium
Ouch, I guess Muradin's enraged at all the stuff that Arthas has done since they last met despite the extreme circumstances that led to him doing those things...

I'm glad that Muradin's alive and well though as I quite like him.
6/26 c12 9Ebanu8
Well, I suppose we'll have to take our chances.
6/26 c12 19Consort
Sometimes, a punch is the face is quite simply a due that's owed. No matter what grander consequences Arthas' actions had, he did drop an entire cavern on Muradin. There's what, about a half-dozen dwarves on all Azeroth who could have hoped to survive that? Even if Muradin surviving feel plausible given his skills, that really was like shooting a man in the back.

But hey, at least Muradin is willing to just throw a punch and then talk. He could've been a hell of a lot more bitter over it, and I'm glad he's not. Talking at least won't make things worse, and who knows? It might help some people in the future. Never underestimate the benefits of talking it out first, even when conflict seems inevitable.

Otherwise.. the internal monologue is good. It helps reinforce Arthas' point and keep the integrity of his motives intact and clear, his criticisms and anger are valid and that is what makes him a sympathetic character. I'm also honestly quite glad that you've started to master casual talking as well as grand speeches and convictions, since sometimes a casual talk about a subject is quite simply what's needed to develop a character.

Now then, let's see what Jaina did...
4/23 c11 Guest
A masterpiece, as always, though Blue Dragons characterization seems quite flat, at least to me, anyway, don't get ill and keep it up!
P.s. can you reccomend any fanfictions where horde was exterminated or newer came to Azeroth?
4/8 c11 Guest
good stuff
4/6 c11 Guest
If Jaina finishes with who knows what she is doing, her teleporting spells will be useful for rapidly transporting Arthas' strike force without alerting the enemy. IIRC, she has displayed group teleportation capabilities when she found Aegwynn.
4/5 c11 1Antewazes
Good to have you back:)
4/5 c11 Graia
Yeah, Kalecgos is just a terrible person all things considered, and thankfully has had minimal screentime in recent WoW. Tyrygosa is also a proud elitist, but more out of naivety rather than malice. It is plausible that her character arc will lead her to become more worldly if she continues to interact with the other 'lesser' races.

Anyway, everyone stay safe from the virus and don't get complacent.
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