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for Deserters in the FranXX

3/1 c6 alonsopenalva8
actualiza el fic por favor
6/29/2021 c6 Guest
Is this gonna get updated soon?
6/17/2021 c6 ScruffyFox
Looking forward to your next chapters :))
5/16/2021 c6 Bobberhd
Yeeee no more 6month updates
5/15/2021 c6 starburst98
I smell franxx doing some sabotage. Just a loose wire somewhere in one of the nine's mechs and oops, their power shut off in the middle of the battle.
5/15/2021 c6 ferdi.van.der.woerd
Nice chapter! Looking forward to the next one!
4/25/2021 c5 Guest
This chapter is good, is it gonna get updated soon?
2/21/2021 c5 ParasiticSquid
I can honestly see then coming across the klaxosaur princess and her taking them in, not because she likes them or the "fake" franxx made of her but because she sees potential in them for taking down VIRM in the future. Not to mention the way they're connected to their franxx with their bond will seem similar to a klaxosaurs bond to her due to it's purity and the fact they abandoned humanity, breaking free of the conditioning they went through all their lives, and are hybrids would further make her likely to bring them in since.

The fact there's literally nowhere else for them to go since the plantations are out and the surface is barren means it's likely the story will go that route. The fact a franxx is a heavily modified klaxosaur and apus mode seems to be powered by zero two and hiros bond instead of magma energy they're basically a mechanical klaxosaur by the end of the series. Not quite a klaxosaur but close enough while still being different due to the hybrid nature of both their franxx and them. Meaning in this story it's possible for them to join the klaxosaurs after hearing from the princess about VIRM and humanities current situation with VIRM leading them when she realizes they abandoned the humans. Although she would true to her character still attack them on first sight like the series until she realizes that.

All in all this still has promise
12/17/2020 c4 2Diaspared
Hey, look, it's what SHOULD have happened!
11/8/2020 c5 Bobberhd
Good chapter now it’s time for relaxing on the beach keep it up
11/3/2020 c1 brenogamebr12
10/26/2020 c4 MysticalSputnik

Can't wait for more, please, if you have the time, come back to his :)
8/13/2020 c4 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
8/3/2020 c4 15Richard Ryley
Well, this is an interesting little divergence in the storyline. If often wondered what would have happened if Hiro, Zero Two and Ichigo had just sat down and talked things out, but of course Zero Two had to be redeemed after her mistake. While Episode 14 was tragic for all involved, it at least set them all on equal footing for Episode 15.

In this case, though, you've rekindled the spirit that caused Hiro to rescue Zero Two in the first place, and had history repeat itself. I can see that this probably wraps things up when it comes to your original concept, so I can understand if you don't have any ideas to continue it further. Hiro and Zero Two are free, and although this leaves a bunch of story threads hanging, the purpose of the fanfic has been fulfilled.

That being said, I'd like to suggest some ideas. First of all, without Ichigo's confession and the unfortunate kiss, not to mention her link with Hiro letting her see his feelings, I would expect her to be driven by her fear and rage for the near future. Goro, on the other hand, will want to know what in the heck happened. And the only person that can still answer that question is Dr. Franxx. Both Zorome and Mitsuru have also had their preconceptions about Hiro challenged, and along with Kokoro and Futoshi I can see them becoming concerned enough to insist on asking what is going on. So the squad could drag Ichigo along as they try to confront the deserters.

There is also the Grand Crevasse battle coming up, and APE is not going to like having the key to their capture of Strelizia Apus stolen right out from underneath them. They may change their plan to capturing the Princess instead of assassinating her. I think it's obvious that Hiro and Zero Two will be dragged back into the conflict, no matter what they want. The question in, will they reluctantly be on Dr. Franxx's side, or will they join the Princess and fight against APE?

I'm very much interested in seeing where this goes. Hiro being pitted against his former squad, instead of being joined by them, would be an interesting plot twist. Of course, this could devolve into Ichigo bashing, but I suppose even that could be fine if in furtherance of the plot. I don't see Squad 13 continuing to be Papa fanatics, given than Dr. Franxx has already put so much effort into making them individuals, but they would all have their own reasons to eventually switch sides and join with Hiro and Zero Two.
7/10/2020 c4 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
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