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for Fateful Ashikabi

7/11 c1 DameNingen1
Great job making the MC a cripple
7/8 c9 alphaprince0
I hope his next Sekirei will be Karasuba and Kochou
7/4 c4 JackBlaze123
Ah, of course that Imperio, the easy and simple solution to the problem, just so had to be nerfed into not being a viable enough option anymore. Classic

Really wish some better reason had been given

And Harry can't kidnap the guy why exactly? Just put the Death Cloak, port into MBI, find where Minaka's located, Petrify his arse and all other manner of disabling spells a Muggle has no protection spells, shrink him and then hide him basically wherever Harry so wishes

No one would even know for certain he was the one who did the kidnapping since they do not know he's any more special than every other grizzled military man out there. Then Harry and Matsu can study the Jinki and Minaka's body for his deadman switch at their leisure and prevent the Sekirei Plan from even happening in the first place

Suppose I got my hopes too high with how competent this Harry was alluded to being. Nothing the guy can do if his writer nerfs his ass
6/30 c10 ElementalMaster16
Very interesting chapter!
6/25 c5 Guest
Alright. The MC got better. Hopefully it will last.
6/25 c3 Guest
Yes. The MC is a pathetic loser with self-esteem issues by default because the author thought it would be interesting that way.

It's not. It just fucks the story up somewhat fiercely.
6/25 c10 8Jebest4781
Wonder how this will proceed from here.
6/25 c9 Jebest4781
Interesting to see how this went.
6/25 c8 Jebest4781
Boy things will get complicated now.
6/25 c7 Jebest4781
Nice to see how this went here.
6/25 c6 Jebest4781
Wonder how this will progress from here.
6/25 c5 Jebest4781
Pretty nice with how this went here.
6/25 c4 Jebest4781
Looks nice with how this went.
6/25 c3 Jebest4781
Quite nice with how this went here.
6/25 c2 Jebest4781
Looks well on how this went here.
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