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6/17 c1 Blockyblob
4/15 c1 God of crossovers
I REALLY want a continuation of this
4/7 c1 10bookwormjohnny2
nice one! wish it wss more than a one shot though
8/19/2021 c1 Guest
Short but pleasant. Some more chapter should be a good iea.
5/14/2021 c1 2Yumi Edogawa
Lol, that's hilarious. That's one way to stop Myne's plans! Her father is too gullible where's she's concerned and already hated the Shield Hero, so he was easily convinced, the others, not so much.
4/16/2021 c1 ER-47
Great story
1/10/2021 c1 5FORD B
Short but cool!
6/9/2020 c1 D3lph0xL0v3r
5/8/2020 c1 4Fallen-Ryu
pure awesome...that's all I can say about this and thank you so very much for this wonderful bit of fiction!
1/11/2020 c1 L
Hi, regarding to the possible adventure story that Guest put in the reviews section, i like it in some aspects, but i like to points some aspects and details of some points of this story: Rifana, the transportation way, Malty, and the audience with the king after third wave.

1. Regarding to Rifana, i read that you put her in the party of Hawkeye, well if you remember Guest, prior to the first wave that devastated the demi-human village, between the children, Rifana was whom showed more interest in the shield hero, even more than Raphtalia. Then if in this version of yours, rifana and keel were also sold to beloukas together with raphtalia, would have more senses that rifana was chosen as the first companion of captain america than raphtalia, because considering her great interest in the shield hero, rifana could be more compatible as companion of captain ameria than with hawkeye, making her excited by see steves roger in the tent, and she would begs him to saves her from this state. This without doubt would touch the heart of steves and adding her wish to be the companion of the shield hero, captain america would be whom buys her, while raphtalia could be chosen by hawkeye, after all, raphtalia could be more neutral regarding to the legendary heroes, making her excited to belong to bow hero party. And as other point, while i don't knows what kind of magic have the weasel demi-humans, maybe rifana could has potential of fire and water magic, as a similarity with raphtalia, whom has light and dark magic affinity.

2. Regarding to the transportation of the avengers, i think that could be more practice that each avenger has their own wagon to could carry their respectives parties, because one wagon could be too little to so much people if all the legendary heroes travel in the same wagon with their parties, then that each avenger has their own wagon, making that all the avengers travel with their wagons in a caravan, to be together in their journey to saves the world. And also, to makes this more factible, maybe hawkeye, wolverine and deadpool could buys their own filolial eggs from beloukas and get their own filolials, to could pulls their wagons, and whom knows, maybe they also can get filolials queen thanks to their legendary weapons, making that filo has other filolials queens fellows to plays together.

3. Regarding to malty and the former party members, perhaps after the desillusionment by the "betrayal" of the three legendary heroes for sided with the "shield demon", the king allowed malty formed her own party to defend melromarc from the waves, conformed by several members of the former party member of the three legendary heroes, and even the king could gives his blessing to malty, and names her as the unofficial legendary hero called, the melromarc heroine, to could has the authority of a legendary hero and could makes the job that the other legendary heroes should do it, even to the point of gives her and her party the credit for "defeat" the second wave, leaving outside the legendary heroes of this victory. But of course, once that the church became outlawed and the queen returned, the "melromarc heroine" and her party would be severely punished and disbanded by the queen for interfered with the job of the legendary heroes and helped the schemes of the church to pursue the legendary heroes during the devil of shield arc.

4. Regarding to the audience with the king after the third wave, i want to adds some details to this reunion, like that after the king demands how they get so powerful to this point, perhaps captain america would tries to be diplomatic and he would says him that they only would reveals this information in exchange of be allowed to get their class up, and when the king refuses to do this, captain america would tries to be diplomatic and would says him that despite to the hatred that the king harbors against this legendary heroes, and even if he hates admit, the legendary heroes are in fact protecting in a effective way the kingdom of melromarc, making them a necessary force to keeps safes the people, and considering that the waves are getting stronger, would be necessary that the legendary heroes and their teams can get a class up, to could keep a good level of power to be capable to protect the people effectively, because if they are limited by this, the avengers wouldn't be capable to protect the people eventually, causing a lot casualties in the future, and with this, captain america would ask again be allowed the class up. But the king being too stubborn and pride, he would refuses again, saying that a mere peasant haven't any right to says to the king how do his duty, especially the "shield demon", and the king would again reiterate his question about their training way. This would leave angry to steves, to see the lack of concern of this king to his kingdom and even being willing in put innocent lives in jeopardize out of spite the avengers, and then steves would outright refuses to cooperate with the king, making him angry and ordering his guards surround the heroes, but of course, as steves already mentioned, the avengers are the most powerful warriors in this kinddom, making a foolishness decision tries to faces them, making back off the guards, and after the avengers would tries to leaves the scene, but the king out of spite them, threats with brings harm to their teams. This would make that the avengers stopped their tracks and quickly wolverine, hawkeye and deapool would launch energy based proyectile attacks to the guards, rendering them unsconcious, and the avengers would advance toward the king and once that captain america has the king in front of him, he would threat this piece of shit that if this poor excuse of king tries to harm their teams, they would takes this as declaration of war and they would hunt down the king to brings him to the justice, and if he tries to undo the help and support that the avengers made in melromarc out of spite them, or if the king still showing little concern by his kingdom situation and lack of wish to helps his people, captain america would warns him that before their job in this world ends, they would overthrow this king and would put other monarch in his place, a monarch more interested in the well being of melrormarc, and after this warning, the avengers finally would leaves this trash in its place and would leaves the castle, and thanks to the way in that the avengers were in front of the king, he even wouldn't be capable to articulate any word to curses or insult the avengers when they leaves the throne hall out of terror.
1/8/2020 c1 28Kairan1979
Miss Wang? Don't you mean Miss Wing?
12/28/2019 c1 11sondowth
It would be pretty interesting to see where this would go if it was a full blown story instead of an one-shot.
11/28/2019 c1 Guest
Also, taking my suggestion and the ideas of ratingbanshee, i want to speculate and imagine the possible future adventure of the avengers in the world of rising of the shield hero after the events of this one shot fanfiction. To starters, i guess that as the other three heroes defended captain america from the accusations of the bitch, the king to be outraged, he also would put the same punishments and resttrictions toward the others heroes, making that the parties given by the king to hawkeye, wolverine and deadpool would leaves their former heroes and master out to fear to the wrath of the king, much like as they forsake motoyasu, ituski and ren after the mess of the spirit turtle, making that all the legendaries heroes became without any party members. And even if they could try to works together, sadly their legendary weapon would get stronger slower if they fights against the same monster to train, making that they still needs members in their party, but after the bullshit of trash and bitch, no one wants to be affiliated with any legendary hero. But then, the heroes are approached by beloukas, the slaver dealer, and he offers the the business to buys a slave to be their first party member, and as bonus, to be slaves, they wouldn't betrayed them or leaves them, like their previous former party members, making that the avengers get interested.

In the case of cap, it is obvious that he would buys raphtalia, the first companion of the shield hero in the original story, hawkeye could buys rifana, that maybe was also sold to beloukas by the soldiers than rot in the dungeons of rabiel, wolverine could buys keel, also sold to beloukas as rifana, and deadpool could buys atla, the habuko demi human with a severe illness that possibly was sold to beloukas and get separated from her brother fohl. And considering their previous cruel treatment and illness, the demi-humans would suffer sickness and illness, but maybe as a possible skills of deadpool by his powerfull healing factor, he is capable to be a powerful healer, healing the illness of raphtalia, rifana, keel and atla, leaving them in good shape to could help their new masters and companions.

Furthermore, regarding to their other parties member, i was thinking how could be the future parties members of each avenger: captain america (raphtalia, filo, melty), hawkeye (rifana, rishia), wolverine (keel, rino) and deadpool (atla and fohl).

In the case of the captain america party, their story would be similar like in the original story with naofumi: raphtalia bought from the slave dealer, filo hatched in a filolial egg as a filolial queen after the second wave and melty would joins temporally to cap during and after the devil shield arc. In the case of hawkeye party, maybe in this version, rifana was also sold together with raphtalia to beloukas, making possible that she can be bought by hawkeye as his first companion and deadpool heals her illness, and rishia would joins to hawkeye after he and the avengers help the northern villages where she was slave, making that she accepts be of his party because maybe hawkeye would be whom rescue her specifically. In the case of wolverine, keel would be also sold to beloukas, making that wolverine can bought her, and in the case of rino, maybe wolverine would saves her during the battle of the second wave, gaining her admiration toward him and joining to his party, and as bitch isn't in the spear hero party this time, rino wouldn't be sold as sex slave by bitch like the original story. And in the case of deadpool, after bought to atla, he could use his healing powers to heal her from his illness, gaining her gratitude and be glad to be her slave to help wade to became stronger, while in the case of fohl, maybe deadpool and atla would find him as a slave trapped in the dungeon of rabiel and deadpool would use his heal powers to saves him from his injuries, gaining his respect and adding the caring to his sister behalf of deadpool, he would be glad of be part of his team.

Regarding to the adventure itself, after get their demi-humans companions, the avengers would trains them and themselves too to be prepared to the second wave, and maybe they can find that while they and their respectives parties fights and kills different monsters, even if they are near from the other heroes, the experience gained would be good, making that they can travel together in this new world, making that they only get separated by certain scenarios like the training in the cal mira archipielago, where the rules forbide stole the hunt of others. And once trained and geared to the wave, the legendaries heroes would faces the second wave, starting as priority saves the people first before to kills the boss monster, much like naofumi did it. And when the jerk captain of the guard bombs the villages with fire, the avengers would confronts him with their respectives parties, intimidating to this poor excuse of captian and their guards, forcing to defend the people and leaves the avengers the monsters, making that the captain of the guard reluctancy agrees with sieze his soldiers to protect the people, while the avengers and their companions finishes the chimera, stopping the wave.

And once finished this wave, maybe the king would wants to celebrates this victory with a party, but as he still is angry with all the legendary heroes and he says them that they were banished, he instead would make the party to celebrates the "victory" of the knights and make a toast for his captain of the guard and his soldiers than the legendaries heroes, even maybe he don't invites them to the party or plans to rewards them in anyway. But as if the avengers needs the stingy charity of this poor excuse of monarch, they are capable to get and sell valuable minerals from the mines, getting another incomes sources before to the second wave.

Then, when the avengers and their team are staying in a motel in riyute, they find that bitch wants to orders to the mayor of the villages, raises the taxes, making that the avengers intervene and makes that bitch agrees with nulifies this legal order if they can defeat mald, the muscle jeck knight, mounting a dragon, in a race for the ownership of the village, then cap accepts and using to filo, he compites against mald, and even despite to the dirty plays of bitch, caps managed to wins and forced to the reluctancy bitch to accept the defeat. Then the mayor thanksful by the avengers to help his villages, he gaves them a wagon and the amulet of commerce, to could use the commerce as other income source to the avengers, making that the group travels together to sells their goods and saves the day.

Regarding to the villages "helped" by the three stooges in the original story, maybe the avengers would helps this villages properly without any incident and in the process, gaining the respect back, that the king took away in the beginning. Also, maybe during their journey, they can even make some modifications to the wagon to make it more larger, to be more confortable and filo could even like it, as she likes to pulls it, making much better if it is more heavy. And also, they would meets melty and when she learns that she is the second princess, maybe caps would be diplomatic and cordial to allows her gives him the messages that she wants to says him, but cap would decline the offers of see the king, as he explains her that the king banned them from enter to the castle and if she wants that caps and the avengers have an audience with him, she first have to convince the king to lift the ban, making that melty leaves cap to go to talk with her father first. Also, the avengers would find that they are banned to get a class up, much to their chagrin.

And in the third wave, the avengers would defeat quickly the soul eater and even glass with their combined attacks and team work, forcing glass to retreat this time and finishing early the wave. And maybe after this, the avengers would be called in an audience with the king, making that they comes to talk with the king. Once in the throne halls, the king would demand them how they can be so strong without the class up, then cap in turn, demand to the king lift the ban of the class up first exchange for the information, but the king would refuse and would simply repeat his question again, making that cap outright refuse to complies, angering to the king and ordering his guards to surround the avengers, but of course, they would intimidates the king and the guards to clear that they are match to any monster of the wave, leaving as weakling and powerless to the king and his soldiers if they tries to fights them, this would make that the guards back off and the king threats their party members for their "crimes", and this would spark the anger of the avengers, where each avenger would threat to the king that they would declare the war to him if he tries to lays a finger in their companions, and nothing would avoid that they put his tyranny to an end, leaving the king too afraid to even says any word while they leaves the scene.

Regarding to the devil shield arc, would be similar with the original story, but with some changes: malty is now accompained with mald and the other former parties membes of the avengers, fohl would be in the place of keel in the dungeon of rabiel, wouldn't be a heartbreaking moment by the demise of rifana, as she is alive and with the avengers, and when the avengers reached the frontier, they would be greeted by bitch and all the former party members and soldiers of melromark. Also, considering that the four legendaries heroes are working together in good terms, this would relieves the concerns of fitoria when they meets her, making that they reunion only focus in fitoria saying them how much is an stake by the waves, her duel against filo and her suggestion of clear their names than escape of the framing. And regarding to the battle against the pope, i guess that the avengers would defeats this corrupt priest more quickly than the original legendaries heroes, as all they are effectives heroes, unlike motoyasu, ren and itsuki.

And the part of the punishment of trash and bitch, i imagine very similar to the original story, but this time, wouldn't be motoyasu to tries to defended bitch, and captain america would suggested as punishment to trash and bitch, lose their politic powers and titles, be jailed in life sentence, and be servant ocassionally in the case of bitch and be a janitor forever in the case of trash, because i don't imagine steves suggesting a change of names with derogatives words like naofumi, making that bitch is out from the business of the legendaries heroes for a good time. And of course, the parties finally could get their class up at last. Regarding to the reunion of the four heroes, the banquet possibly only would have as incident bitch trying to poison the food and melty finding this, because if the former parties members were helping the church, i guess that mald and the others were executed or jailed in this point, and the reunion itself would ends in good terms, as the avengers are already a professional team, not a group of amateurs that take this as a game.

And to finishes, the cal mira arc could be very similar like in the original story, as only difference that this time, all the legendaries heroes would faces the otherworldy heroes with the same poweress, unlike motoyasu, itsuki and ren whom were cannon fodder here. And by this combined team, the avengers would defeats glass, larc and teresa, forcing them to retreat again. And the queen would reward captain america as the lord of the rock valley, and the avengers and their companions would took this villages as their new operation base to get prepared for the future battles in this new world.

Sorry by send a very long information, but i really want to imagine and speculates how could be the adventure of the avengers in this world during the first season and the possibles changes with them. And the reason to each avenger have a demi-human as their first companion is because this could paints the spear, sword and bow hero in good light to the demi-humans population, even in silvelt, to see as the "melromark heroes" are helping to the shield hero and even accepting demi-humans in their party, this without doubt would ease the tensions between silvelt and melromark, by see an union between humans and demi-humans to faces the waves.

And as other point, maybe wolverine could make that the spear scans his adamantium skeleton and became a adamantium spear, gaining a very high attack and the capability of pierce any man-made metal non enchanted in this world. And in the case of deadpool and cap, maybe both would ask erhard, the blacksmith, forges them a sword similar to the chimichanga katana and a circular shield similar to the proto-adamantium shield, to deadpool and cap can use the copy ability of their legendary weapons in this customed weapons, to the legendary sword and shield have similar designs like the sword of deadpool and the shield of cap.
11/28/2019 c1 Guest
to edboy4926, hi, regarding to your question about the reasons of the author to chose daredevil as the spear hero and ms wang as the sword hero, i guess that maybe he though that daredevil was a good candidate to be the spear hero by the fact of the signature weapon of daredevil is his billy club, a multipurpose weapon that can function as nunchaku, stake, club, whip and chain, making that maybe his skill to use this billy club, can help him to use in a impressive way the legendary spear as weapon. But after read the points of ratingbanshee, i agree that given the fact that daredevil is blind and have to relays heavily of his hearings senses to figths, he could have a lot difficulties to battles in the waves, as he is used to moves in the streets of a city, not in a open battlefield against armies of monsters, making his blindess a terrible disvantage. And in the case of Ms wang, i also cannot understand why the author chose her, as she is to beginnings, a barely known character in marvel, even almost unknown.
11/27/2019 c1 22edboy4926
Awesome story.
Hope it continues.

Though I got to ask, why did you choose Daredevil and who is Miss Wang?
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