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11/28/2019 c1 Guest
to edboy4926, hi, regarding to your question about the reasons of the author to chose daredevil as the spear hero and ms wang as the sword hero, i guess that maybe he though that daredevil was a good candidate to be the spear hero by the fact of the signature weapon of daredevil is his billy club, a multipurpose weapon that can function as nunchaku, stake, club, whip and chain, making that maybe his skill to use this billy club, can help him to use in a impressive way the legendary spear as weapon. But after read the points of ratingbanshee, i agree that given the fact that daredevil is blind and have to relays heavily of his hearings senses to figths, he could have a lot difficulties to battles in the waves, as he is used to moves in the streets of a city, not in a open battlefield against armies of monsters, making his blindess a terrible disvantage. And in the case of Ms wang, i also cannot understand why the author chose her, as she is to beginnings, a barely known character in marvel, even almost unknown.
11/27/2019 c1 22edboy4926
Awesome story.
Hope it continues.

Though I got to ask, why did you choose Daredevil and who is Miss Wang?
11/22/2019 c1 rantingbanshee
I have to agree with the Guest reviewer. I have never even heard of Ms Wang before and while Mr Murdock is an exceptional warrior, he would be ill-suited to being a Cardinal Hero. Yes, he has superhearing which works wonders in the streets of Hell's Kitchen full of sirens, thug muggings and old school Ninjas with Shurikens and Tekko-Kagi claws...fighting waves against hundreds of monsters of all kinds would probably overwhelm his superhearing senses.

You would have been better of with Wolverine being the Spear Hero (the Spear Hero is notorious squishy class but when you have healing factor of Wolverine...well it becomes well-balanced) and Deadpool being the Sword Hero for his exceptional skills with the sword as well as his healing factor. Also for the comic relief value that Deadpool would bring to the story.

Aside from that, intriguing story.
11/3/2019 c1 Guest
To be honest, i don't understand why you chose this Ms Wang as sword hero, considering that after to search about her in the marvel sites, i barely managed to find that Wang is a chinese goddess in marvel universe. But i still don't understand why you chose her, considering that she is a barely known character in marvel, even among of the other legendary heroes, wang is the only one that never comes outside from the comic. In my opinion, exist several characters that easily could be chosen to take the mantle of sword hero:

1. Wolverine: considering his expertise to fight with his metal claws, logan would have a lot experience using sharp edge weapons to fight, even if we take in account that wolverine was in japan by some years, learning of the samurais in the process, making him adept in the art of swordmanship. Adding that maybe the legendary sword could scan his adamantium and became an adamantium sword, making that wolverine could have a more longer blade made of adamantium to fight.

2. Deadpool: our crazy anti-hero is a expert fighting with swords in a impressive level, making him another good candidate to be the sword hero, even could be a funny detail, to consider the humor sense of Wade and his habit of break the fourth wall, he could definitely push the buttons of trash to make that the lousy king lose his composure XD.

I know that this was only one shot fanfic, but i want to mention this point, as i think that exist several better candidates in marvel universe to be the sword hero than this Ms wang, that many of the fans of marvel barely could knows her.
10/31/2019 c1 James Birdsong
This is wonderful
10/31/2019 c1 kyuubiko
Steve Rogers... captain America...rapes a girl...
*Dies of laughter*
10/2/2019 c1 wing0x
Now that's a true hero.
9/17/2019 c1 2grimmzapdos
Hopefully this continues
9/5/2019 c1 spartan-140
i dont know who Miss Wang is , and is this just a one shot?
8/30/2019 c1 23darkoraclegirl
Gotta say this was nicely written. Would be highly amusing to see the events of the show play out with Marvel heroes in the roles of the heroes. Maybe you could make a series of one shots with different heroes going through the "trial" moment. God I would love to see how Tony handles being accused in this moment.
8/26/2019 c1 blacksoul123
Great story keep up though I would recommend a bit longer chapter
8/15/2019 c1 The OC maker
Wait a minute, who is Miss Wang?
8/7/2019 c1 3The Richmaster
... this is odd; I avtually had a similar idea for a scene involving a different set of characters (Bleach, with Chad as the Shield hero) but Captain America works to a much greater extent due to how ridiculously heroic he is to the point that any accusation would be met with laughter.

I really liked the interactions between very different characters here, though Hawkeye was definitely my favourite
8/2/2019 c1 Guest
Really, King Trash? Trying to accuse Captain America of rape?

(Cue J. Jonah Jameson's laugh from Spider-Man 2) You serious!?
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