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5/25/2020 c4 Crowleya
Yeah. Sooo good!
"Aziraphales heart quietly bled." And so did mine at your description of the Fall.
Oh, and the delightful twist with Aziraphale signing the package receipt for hell! Hilarious.
Kudos. And thank you for this story!
4/13/2020 c4 SheaTSarc
I loved this so much. But when you ended it with them being becoming that old couple with one email between them, you made me smile. I’m still smiling. My Mom and Dad had one email for the two of them. “Why would we need two?”
10/13/2019 c4 18KillgarraghForever
Wow. You made me actually cry. Well done. Not many people I know can do that, even less so someone I've never met. This is a really amazing fic, and I'm so glad that you gave Crowley his wings back. Well, not exactly, but still. I think that having wings that contain every single one of you're creations is better than plain white.
10/13/2019 c3 KillgarraghForever
Damn you, Beezlebub... Wait, that's already happened.
May you be blessed, Beezlebub. There. That should do it. Blessed with Holy Water.
10/13/2019 c1 KillgarraghForever
You idiot, Zira! NEVER touch anything that Hell has sent! Honestly, it's not that hard.
10/4/2019 c4 6theunlivedlife
This is a beautiful story. Truly beautiful. I'm not even super into the idea that Crowley was the Archangel Raphael and I love this story. The pain, the terror, the love, the depths of emotion you go into this are incredible. They feel very in character while also more developed and further along on their character archs than they were in the book.
I actually wrote up a list of GO fanfics and put this tied as my topic recommendation just so you know.
Thank you for this wonderful work.
9/5/2019 c4 12Angel of Randomosity
This is perfectly wonderful and I love it so so very much

8/30/2019 c4 1Shadowvixen89
I loved this story so much. It had it's tragic moments, however they both pulled through amd something wonderful came from it. Truly heart warming.
8/28/2019 c4 38TheFreakZone
Oh my! Such a fantastic read!

I must say, since the moment I first read that headcanon about Crowley being Raphael, I was totally in love with the idea, and I have read some takes on the matter, but this one is definitely my favourite. I mean — WOW. I enjoyed this fanfic inmensely, despite all the heartbreak. Definitely one I'll be revisiting from time to time! :D
8/17/2019 c4 Timberwolf
This was AMAZING! I absolutely loved it. This had to be one of my favorite Good Omens fanfics. (゚゚)
8/13/2019 c4 94Eirlys
ahhhh this was amazing! I was wondering why so many people were suggesting that crowley was Raphael and now I know! this wa such beautiful writing I commend you
8/7/2019 c4 11Donkerblauw Fluweel
Thank you so much for this amazing story! I loved the little details in the last chapter (the chest pocket, Crowley creating his own garden after he couldn’t create the garden of Eden and Crowley’s starry wings). And again a lovely use of words.
I really liked this idea of how Crowley fell and what kind of angel he was before. He really hasn’t changed much.
Hopefully you’ll write another GO story, would love to read it!
8/4/2019 c4 Jafryn
Aunque no concuerdo con el mito de que Crowley sea Rafael, no puedo negar que tu historia me encanto, muy buena. Gracias por compartirla.

P.D.: Por un momento temí por Aziraphale, porque para ser honesta, pensé que la trampa era para el.
8/4/2019 c4 13Kieve Grove
Goodness, this has to be one of my favorite fanfics ever written. I cannot properly describe the way your words play my heart like a fiddle, weaving emotion throughout to create such a lovely literary rollercoaster. However, I can assure you that reading your story here- especially the last chapter -was cathartic in all the right ways.

You've done something wonderful here and I hope you're proud of yourself. I know I am.

Thank you for sharing this with all of us! I can't wait to see what other stories you publish and I hope you have a wonderful life!
8/2/2019 c4 Insane Days and Evil Laughs
Glorious, simply a masterpiece.
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