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11/20 c15 Shogun lord poke burst
10/26 c12 Lancergashiinda
well I'm not surprised anymore that everyone on the throne of heroes knows shirou
10/9 c4 1DukeOfWisdom
I found this take on X hilarious and a decent explanation for why she kills sabers rather than just she does or she was genetically engineered to do so since almost everyone who has the identity of saber(artoria) is usually a really good person
10/9 c2 Raging Drake
Shirou has unknowingly activated his Harem protagonist EX skill And is this shirou Dense to every other girl instead of Artorias?

As shirou walks into salter’s cave,Archer reaches out knowing that the skill is active,Thats he’ll YOURE walking into
9/19 c1 Raging Drake
I also summoned Archer and berserker in my first few summons,except the berserker was tamamo
8/19 c4 Guest
Where is saber alter man story is too great pls make saber alter appear again
8/19 c15 someguy
update please tis really good
6/29 c15 kirito3229sao
update please
6/24 c11 Guest
goth heavy metal albums
6/16 c11 Guest
Shirou is really going to need upgrades if he wants to survive the horde. Managing those around him is something he's working on but he'll need some serious increase in power if he doesn't want death by snu snu i with some of the saberfaces.
6/15 c6 Guest
I was wondering if Shirou is getting the memories of this other Shirou will he also get the benefits of that Shirou being alive when the environment had so much more mana?
6/10 c2 Nobodyimportan
If there is a shirou in Avery singularity then what will happen if shirou meets muramasa ?
5/21 c3 jellatinous
ARGH! Right in the feels!
5/21 c1 jellatinous
really why is shirou even here? are we even getting an explanation? uhhhh. you know what I don't really care!
4/26 c15 1PanickingNoob
Read through the chapters it definitely entertaining. I do feel a bit rush of your story but it fun to read in the end XD
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